Digital Check-Up.

We help companies make the most of digital. We are experts in various business processes and guide companies and entrepreneurs in embracing the digitisation process.

CheckUp Digitale

If your company is looking to improve its digitisation, a specialised check-up solution is available.

The corporate digitisation check-up refers to a comprehensive analysis of the digital technologies and processes used by a company to assess their effectiveness and identify possible areas for improvement.

Analysis of Cloud Solutions

IT security

Process automation

Integration of digital tools

Step by


The expert team of this solution can work closely with your company to analyse the digital tools used, identify any critical points and suggest possible improvements and optimisations.

Detailed documentation for the use and development of digital tools to help the company make the most of the digital resources already available and improve its efficiency.

Work with a team of experts to optimise the digitisation process already started and grow the business.

Finance, Administration and Staff Management

  • Document Management
  • Management integration
  • Personnel selection portals
  • Time / leave management
  • Staff training systems
  • Geolocalised time stamping

Some Supported Companies

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Finanza, Amministrazione, Gestione Personale
Finanza, Amministrazione, Gestione Personale


  • Contract management
  • Labour relations of external personnel
  • Paper reduction/elimination
  • Customised software for business process optimisation
  • Industrial IoT / Revamping
  • KPI production consoles and dashboards
  • Support via AR
  • ERP / MES interfaces
  • Monitoring and video analysis systems
  • Quality systems with Computer Vision / AI
  • Predictive algorithms
  • Tooling management

Some Supported Companies


Sales & Marketing

  • Marketing automation systems
  • 2D and 3D product configurator
  • Estimator
  • e-Commerce
  • Training content in VR
  • Hubspot CRM integrations (partner)
  • ChatBots and conversational

Some Supported Companies

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Sales & Marketing
Sales & Marketing

Digital Products.

We are the best partner a Product Company can have

We have the right mindset to support companies and start-ups that have a Digital Product at their core or that want to complement their business with a Consumer Digital Product.


We are experts in study, planning and design, we love attention to detail and we know that ease of use and stability of the software product are an important asset for customer satisfaction.

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In order to arrive at high quality, reliable and scalable products, we have condensed more than 10 years of experience into a dedicated Method.

Large companies are already using our Digital Projects to innovate their Business.

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