DuckMa at WWDC17

DuckMa at WWDC17

This year I was at Apple WWDC17, the Worldwide Developers Conference held in San José on the stage at McEnery Convention Center. Expectations were great (as usual) and in the end I was very satisfied with this experience.

DuckMa at WWDC17

I’m not going to make a report of the conference, but let me tell you the TTT (Three Tech Things) that most impressed me (the coolest ones):

  1. AR Kit marks Apple turning point towards augmented reality. It’s a road that big companies have already taken but, despite its late arrival, Apple has made the most decisive step: so far the solutions were characterized by low-level software or the adoption of multi-camera supports to perceive the depth of surrounding environment via hardware; with this SDK, Apple allows you to do the same job, superbly, via software!
  2. Support for eGPU (External Graphic Processing Unit) that you can plug to your Mac, thanks to the new Mac OS X High Sierra, to have more computing power. Very interesting because in WWDC17 Apple also announced a kit for developers, ready to create virtual reality projects in preview. Apple and its competitors are definitely pointing to the VR, which in my opinion is a clear signal: within 3-5 years we will see classic smartphones replaced by (or mutated in) wearable devices with AI/AR/VR support that will allow us to simplify the use of technology and to make it more immersive.
  3. iOS 11 is becoming more and more a desktop-oriented operating system, for example, it has integrated AR Kit support and added drag & drop functionality. Now an iPad pro is a work tool that is approaching dangerously at Microsoft’s Surface.

And now three non-tech things:

DuckMa at WWDC17

  1. The community: I remember the strong impact of community managers at Google I/O: even before everything started, it was very well organized and the network of participants was already established; this has always seemed to me the best way to proceed. At WWDC17 this was not so, and at first it seemed strange. Anyway, as good Italians, we organized ourselves autonomously and in the end we also managed to find us a fantastic dinner.
  2. The availability of Apple engineers: the conference was studied for developers and all had a very informal tone: you could ask for help or suggestions for your app and code, ask what improvements to make, advice on launching your new Apps and so on.
  3. The welcoming: the user-centered “cuddle” system in a typical Apple style, from the badge printing to the point when you were dealing with the staff, everyone was as friendly as when you go to an Apple Store.

DuckMa at WWDC17

Separate topic deserves the food that… wait a moment, now that I think at this, it was (maybe) the same as Google I/O. What a strange thing, is this a clue for a future partnership between the two giants?

Ops, was not supposed to say this! (Go on, it’s just a joke!)


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