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Full stack Developer

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Why a Full-Stack Developer?

The solutions we create are increasingly interconnected and a central node is needed to manage logic and communication. The Full Stack dev takes care of designing the architecture of this key node and creating it, collaborating with the whole team.
We are looking for someone with more than 3 years of experience. Someone passionate, hardworking and talented – an excellent developer, who has already faced similar issues.
Having knowledge of user experience, applying good design principles at work and being able to hold a conversation with designers on the balance between functionality, performance, design and usability will be considered preferential requirements.

These are the essential technical skills required:

Surely you will have many other questions in your mind, here are the answers to the most important ones:

What benefits will I have?

What contract do you offer?

How does the selection process work?

What will my role be?

What experiences do I need to be part of the team?

Are there skills that add value to my application?

Where does the work take place?

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