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A stimulating, relaxed yet focused work environment
with many cool benefits.


In our work environment
happiness and satisfaction of being part of the company
are top priorities.

Open Positions

DuckMa's ambition is to improve humanity by exploiting technologies that allow a more complete, richer and happier life for everyone. If you're ready to join our team and work hard to equip every human being with actual superpowers, step forward!


Empower Human Beings
We make unique apps for customers who want to
change the way people work, get access to services
and hangout with friends.

Mobile Leaders

We aim to become leaders in the mobile market

A company that lasts

We want to build a company able to last in time

Company Culture

We believe in creating a strong company culture

Growth of our team

We are committed to the growth of our people

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The Perfect Team for Your Project

DuckMa is not your typical software development firm. We make uncompromising, organic custom apps for truly outstanding clients.