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How We Work

Here at DuckMa, we work with a well-organized plan

Developing a great app requires organized individuals. And that is exactly what we are.

After years of hard work, we have gathered all of our clients’ feedback and we have implemented it, in line with the management best practices. We have thus set up a simple, efficient and easy-to-follow workflow.

The first thing we need to do in order to create a well-working product is to figure out what our requirements are. We need to understand the client’s goals. So, we sit down with the client and we analyze and pick out the specific goals our client will reach thanks to our plan.
Most importantly, we always check if there is a reasonable return on investment, if the project as a whole makes sense, or if there are other ways to reach those same goals.

Our goal is to assist the client in the best way possible, since he is always at the center of the project. We are expert consultants and we are renowned and sought after because of this.
We work to build a strong initial planning phase for each of our projects. This stage is then shapes an Executive Plan. This executive plan includes:

  • The goals of the project
  • Software requirement specifications
  • Design specification
  • Wireframe analysis (and a demo, if necessary)

Once we have done this, we meet with the client and, if it’s necessary, we divide up the project into milestones.
In the development phase, we begin by following the agile framework methodology of SCRUM (which we adapt to our specific needs). This allows us to be flexible during the development phase. So, despite there being an executive plan, we are still able to change what is necessary in order to reach the desired outcome.
One of our strengths is our flexibility, which we can guarantee thanks to how we are organized.
Then we finally arrive to the actual development of the program. We are experts in native mobile app development. Always keep in mind that a native mobile app is a software, unlike a website, and therefore follows the rules of software development.
During this stage, we get started with the project. Our goal is to follow as closely as possible the app development guidelines set by the two operating systems (Apple and Google). This way, we are always updated (and this requires a lot of care on our part) and we can guarantee a quick and painless transition with whoever will end up in control of the software.

In most cases, we are responsible for the initial bootstrap for startups that use an app for their core businesses. It is therefore very important to have a solid structure for the module design and the relevant layers, so that we can build the product, starting from an mvp (minimum viable product) and then creating a complex and well-built app.

We can guarantee the strength of our process by our use of tested and proven methods of qualitative control. Our developers work by using pull requests (as is done with open-source software), which means that multiple people look over the developed code. Only once every single developer on the project has consented and approved to it, can the code be sent to a repository where manual and automated testing is done. This process of Continuous Integration allows us to have working executables, to improve our tests and send our clients intermediate releases. This thorough testing of the product then speeds up the eventual publishing and maintaining of the app.

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