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Why DuckMa?

There are so many reasons why DuckMa
is the right choice for creating
your perfect application.
Here are some of our favorite…

Stunning Beauty

Your app’s success is largely based on its ability to deliver the “wow factor” that hooks users from their first launch. We understand this concept well and work hard to deliver a first impression that takes your user’s breath away.

Industry Leading Performance

While your app’s first impression is what generates a user’s initial excitement, it’s performance that keeps them coming back for more. At DuckMa your application is more than just another project. It’s an opportunity for us to push the boundaries of our cutting-edge abilities. Our apps deliver an uncompromising level of performance that keeps users coming back session after session.

Boutique Development Experience

At DuckMa, we partner with you to deeply understand and refine your concept, communicate closely during development, and work with you to test and launch your application when it’s complete. We are deeply invested in your app’s success. Together we’ll build a one-off masterpiece that delivers stunning creative, unique functionalities, and the optimal experience for your unique users.

Cutting Edge Native Apps

We know that native apps deliver the best possible user experience so we’ve assembled a team of native app experts for both iOS and Android. Where some development teams can get away with cookie cutter hybrid apps, we push the limit of what is currently possible with every new project. We’ll work with you to create the ultimate expression of your app concept and the highest quality final product. With DuckMa, your app will be faster, more familiar, more intuitive, and more visible to new users.

Passion, Experience, and Attention to Detail

What really sets DuckMa apart is simple. Our passion for what we do drives us to deliver the highest quality applications to our clients. Our experience gives us the time-tested abilities to outperform the vast majority of developers in our industry. Our attention to detail means that we’re able to deliver the ultimate application, user experience, and customer experience in every single client engagement.

Bring Your App Concept to Life!

Let DuckMa shine a light on how we can bring your app concept to life. Taking your idea through a seemingly complex development process may seem daunting, but our team of experts is here to guide you every step of the way.

What is a dream if you can't share it? What is passion if you can't create something out of it?
- Matteo Gazzurelli

Our Team, Your App

DuckMa is not your typical development firm. We make uncompromising, organic custom apps for truly outstanding clients.