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You have chosen DuckMa to help you create your mobile application. Now that your app has already been designed, developed and published, you are excited and can’t wait to see the results. You are convinced that the entire app development process that got you here is over, but you are wrong.  The development phase is over, that’s true, but your app still needs assistance in order to continue working and doing its best. It requires the sort of continuous care […] Read More
Last month we hosted a high school student for the school-work alternation program. This is a report of the work we have assigned him. Read More
Flutter bypasses the native component of an app almost entirely by using a custom rendering engine to draw the UI onto the screen of the actual device. Read More
In fact, there are so many “behind the scenes” processes involved in the creation of a successful app that, had they been known, it would have discouraged a great deal of failed app startups from ever trying. Read More
Android vs iOS development is a major decision to be made well before the development process begins. In fact, your app design and the functionality you incorporate will be largely dependent on the platform you choose. Read More
Reading this post you’ll learn how to implement a good REST client in Android. If you are wondering… what the hell is he saying… OK, thank you for staying! Read More
The main idea behind all Droidcon events is to support the Android platform and build a networking event for developers and companies. Read More
DuckMa has developed an easy-to-use app for non-techies that makes it simple to use your Android smartphone: Phonotto. Read More
In this three-part series I will show you how to design an efficient network communication with REST web services for Android. Read More