Augmented and Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that allows you to experience a real environment enriched with audio, video and other sensory stimuli enhanced and amplified by the mobile device.With the power of Augmented Reality, you can provide your users with that extra something that will make your app stand out.

Virtual reality (VR or Virtual Reality) is a way to bring users into a simulated environment that drags them beyond the reach of the traditional mobile experience. Whether it's a video, a game or a place to visit, virtual reality leads the user into the experience and allows them to live it. Instead of looking at a two-dimensional recording, users control what they see and experience in 360 degrees.

The Advantages of Augmented and Virtual Reality

Wow Effect: Augmented reality and virtual reality are immersive technologies that surprise, intrigue and involve users

  • Interactivity: Users interact with digital in a direct exchange
  • Customer Experience: The multisensory experience allows you to live a full, 360-degree experience
  • High customization
  • Collection of user data

Areas of Application of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Augmented and Virtual Reality finds effective application both in related fields to entertainment, as well as in more productive areas and in Industry 4.0.

Let's see some examples:

  • Packaging: inside the stores, thanks to a camera, customers they can frame the packages. Technology gives life to real short films whose protagonist is the content of the packaging. This excites the customer, involves him and guides his purchase;
  • Catalogs and 3D flyers: a simple flyer, of those that show discounts and advantages, it becomes a multimedia tool thanks to a camera. The user finds himself catapulted into a new dimension in which the selected article "lives" in 3D and discover all the specifications and additional information;
  • Plant maintenance: bringing the camera close to a device such as printer or scanner or industrial machinery, you can view the technical details, instructions for maintenance or replacement of components, either by reading a text or by viewing the steps to be taken, thus reducing unplanned downtime;
  • Tourism and Travel: Virtual Reality allows you to discover a place in an experience that leaves you speechless and, instead of quelling the desire to traveling, it amplifies it;
  • Real Estate: Virtual and Augmented Reality allow you to show to customers interested in the exteriors of buildings and to experience the effects of each in real time any change required.

It’s about time you give your users a new experience

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