Software is strategic for the competitiveness of companies, it is no coincidence that we are talking about Industry 4.0, a process that incorporates speed of development and distribution. Which are also the characteristics of software development in the cloud, where the cloud should not be understood only as the "place" that stores data and workloads, but as a real model for software development.

We use Node.js and React.js tools to build cloud-native apps, large-scale deployments and analytics following the Google Cloud stack.

What is a Cloud Software?

A cloud software is an application that allows you to benefit from all the advantages of cloud computing, namely speed, flexibility and quality. Native cloud software development is primarily based on the process and methods of creating, deploying and managing apps.

How we develop Cloud Native Software

To develop native cloud software we refer first to the DuckMa Method , which we integrate with specific protocols and objectives for this type of application.

Here's what you need to know about cloud software:

  • Mindset Change: cloud software development requires a transformation of the thinking and development paradigm to implement faster applications and maximize results through an integrated and highly collaborative approach;
  • Optimization of the existing: We know that it is not always possible to get rid of what we have to develop new software from scratch. We want to reassure you: your applications can be integrated with cloud computing;
  • The right tool for each activity: Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things or image recognition find their correspondence in specific frameworks, languages ​​and development methods. To manage these complexities, we use container platforms that are continuously updated to keep up with the evolution of technology and diversified methodologies for each activity;
  • Self-service and on-demand infrastructure: We choose infrastructures that allow our developers access at any time and place to manage dynamic and complex environments;
  • Automation: Thanks to the definition of repeatable procedures, rules and frameworks, we automate processes and tasks by speeding up development and increasing efficiency, speed and innovation;
  • Continuous releases: Through the uninterrupted collection of feedback and the implementation of the related changes, we provide a decisive acceleration to the testing and safety phases;
  • Evolution: Microservices-based infrastructures such as those supporting cloud software are flexible and allow the same processes to be used in different applications.

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