We develop Native and Multiplatform

Apps The apps are software to download and install on smartphones and tablets. They are marked with an icon and, once installed, they become an integral part of the device that houses them.

Native applications are specifically designed for individual platforms (iOS and / or Android) in order to ensure the best possible operation and respond to the specific characteristics of each environment.

Advantages of native app:

  • User Experience: The best thing about native apps is the fluid, clean, intuitive and simple user experience, in line with the logic of the operating system Speed: Native apps are inherently faster because all functions refer to the same application, without browser or connection speed representing an impediment
    • Exposure: Native apps are available on the official app markets, and are therefore easily identifiable by users, just from a simple search.
    • Integration: A native app integrates with the features of the device used such as GPS, sounds, vibration, camera and many more.

    We develop Progressive Web Apps

    We are experts in the creation of progressive web apps, software developed like classic web pages that behave like real native apps on mobile devices.

    By their very nature, progressive web apps integrate the advantages of web browsing with the benefits of mobile use. In other words, we can define web apps as websites optimized to the maximum for use on mobile.

    When we talk about progressive web apps, we are referring to the possibility of activating additional and more performing functions compared to a classic web page, starting from the possibility of saving the web app on the device just like a native app.

    Advantages of Progressive Web App

  • Ease of access: The user does not have to download anything, he finds everything he needs in the browser;
    • Universality: Progressive web apps can be used from any device;
    • Exposure: Accessing the web apps is very simple because they are loaded directly from the web.

    Better a Native Application or a Progressive Web App?

    The right answer is "it depends". It depends because the choice includes many factors, in first of all your needs, your goals, your budget and your target users. Do you want to create an app to play, for example? Most likely you we would recommend a native app that guarantees the best gaming performance. Do you want a simple app accessible from all operating systems instead? Then you we would suggest a progressive web app. In any case, we will be the ones to propose the best solution for your project. You do you tell it and we make it concrete, in the ways and forms that best suit the your idea.

    How much does it cost to create a mobile application?

    At DuckMa we are competitive, both in quality and in price. We have developed Mecha (link to Mecha) for this reason: it is a system of components and software modules, each dedicated to meeting specific needs, which there allows you to speed up processes and optimize the development costs of new apps, whether they are Android or iOS.

    Are you ready to develop your dream app?

    With our experience, we know best how to recommend the pefect choice for you. Tell us about your idea and together we will find the most appropriate path to develop your project in mind. Get in touch with us now.