We are specialized in prototyping processes understood both as Proof of Concept, i.e. applications that allow you to test the functioning of the app before the release of the final application, and as MVP (Minimum Viable Product), an app with the key features useful for validating the idea to then proceed with the complete development.

App Prototyping

Before developing an app, it is essential to have a version of the app that shows you what the application will look like when finished. For these we have specialized in app prototypes: you see your idea on a mobile device, you get an idea and together we try to understand where and how we can optimize design and user experience. Thanks to the prototype, we can promptly and easily intervene on any changes, until the prototype is convincing and ready to be developed.

MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

Making an MVP may seem like the equivalent of a prototype. In reality, the prototype is a navigable app with a defined design that lets you know right away what to expect.

The Minimum Viable Product is part of a subsequent step compared to the prototype. The MVP provides for the release on the market of the product in its main functions to obtain from users the validation of the idea, which is essential for deciding the next steps. Thanks to user feedback, we promptly make the changes required by the market to the app, so as to be sure of developing a successful product for the target users we have identified together.

The MVP kicks off an iterative process from idea to release with the aim of collecting data, analyzing it and learning.

Objectives of the MVP:

  • To test product hypotheses with minimal resources;
  • To quickly understand the dynamics of the reference market;
  • To make the development process smoother.


Mecha is a set of mobile app frameworks, a modular set of components that allows us to speed up the development process and optimize costs. Let's start with an app with standard features that we customize according to your needs. While leveraging on a common basis, we develop highly customized apps with the precise characteristics agreed at the beginning of the journey, without any nasty surprises.

Create your dream app from scratch in a faster and more cost effective way.

Thanks to the Mecha Configurator di DuckMa you can configure the perfect App for you. With the Mecha configurator you choose the individual components you want in your application, enter the customizations you want and you have immediate evidence of the price of the selected components and of the overall project. Sounds great, yeah?