What it means to plan a Mobile Strategy

  • Cloud-based technology: Compared to desktop tools, cloud development offers benefits such as standardization, flexibility, agility and operational cost savings, resulting in a mobile app with a smooth learning curve and a quick understanding by the user;
    • Data security: DuckMa cares about the protection of your data and those of your users and we prevent data compromise in every way. Some of the aspects on which we intervene in terms of security are data storage, server-side controls, encryption and solutions to prevent information leaks;
    • App performance: An application with never before seen features makes no sense to exist if it does not ensure high performance for users. Problems like app freezing or slowing down lead users to leave instantly,  and give negative reviews and ratings. We focus on elements such as memory, software lifecycle, continuous testing, networking and exception handling in creating your mobile strategy to move forward with smoother and more secure development;
    • Download and engagement: Our goal includes both the number of downloads of the app and guarantee terrific user experience, The goal is for our app to be able to engage the user and make him consistently captured and therefore a frequent user of the app. In the design, phase we work to get you to deliver an application that has the most requested and attractive features for your market.
    • The Duckma Strategy: According to the DuckMa method (https://duckma.netlify.app/en/duckma-method), strategy is fundamental in the development process. It all starts with an in-depth consultation in which we listen to you as you explain your business idea to us. We give you our tips to make your project perfect and to start off on the right foot, with a winning strategy ready even before a single string of code is written. We start the development phase if and only if we are sure that we have created with you a strategy that guarantees you the highest probability of success.

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