DuckMa is the app development partner that won't let you down after app delivery. We know that a mobile app to work and perform at its best requires constant laser-focused attention and refinement. For this, we offer you our ongoing assistance service.

Continuous Assistance in DuckMa

Quite often, the lack of assistance and follow-up for projects causes hurdles and failure. This happens even to the best apps that are performing perfectly. However, with the continuous updating of operating systems and the evolution of mobile technology, malfunctions and issues are inevitable. After all, mobile applications are simply softwares, and like management systems or other systems, they need regular maintenance.

Here are some factors that affect your app when there is no ongoing professional support:

Hardware: The market is continually flooded with new mobile devices with new features that could cause problems for mobile applications

Operating Systems: Both iOS and Android regularly release updates that require apps to be updated as well to continue to be compatible with the latest system version.

Continuous assistance ensures you the best performance of your app over time. If you opt out of support, the investment you made in the application would be in vain.

An app will go far, and be long-lasting, but only with the continuous assistance of DuckMa!

Unlike many competitors, we follow the development and evolution of your app even after it has been turned over to you. If you want to know more about our ongoing app development and support services, get in touch with us today.