Talking about smartphone applications, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are technologies that allow applications to collect information based on user behavior and consequently help them achieve the goal. we simply use the app..

In the AI ​​field, we find simpler apps that offer support in the organization of email, for example, or more complex applications for industrial resource planning of large organizations.

For the development of artificial intelligence applications, we at DuckMa mainly use TensorFlow, a library of machine learning software that offers tested and optimized modules, useful for creating algorithms for machine learning.

The areas forAI Application

Here are some examples of AI application:

  • Data Processing: Through the help of algorithms that analyze data to extract useful information, it is possible to implement predictive analysis systems or, for example, fraud detection;
  • Chatbots and Virtual Assistants: Chatbots are software that perform certain actions in response to voice or text commands received by the user;
  • Recommendation: These are Artificial Intelligence systems capable of analyzing and understanding the behavior of users and orienting their actions accordingly (one of the most common areas of application are eCommerce);
  • Image Processing: These are technologies that can automatically recognize images, such as facial recognition that we can find on many smartphones;
  • Smartcar: The term refers to self-piloted vehicles
  • Language Processing: Artificial Intelligence allows you to create language processing applications in order to understand or translate it;
  • Robots: These are robots capable of performing actions without any human intervention. This is possible thanks to the processing of information collected from the surrounding environment. This category includes industrial solutions such as robots for the automation of production, management and logistics processes and robots designed to act as sales assistants in points of sale or information request desks.

The future of Artificial Intelligence is now

Whether you want to integrate AI into a chatbot for your customer service or whether you want to incorporate AI into your business planning, at DuckMa we have the skills and experience to design and achieve a flawless solution. Get in touch with us now to find out how many problems you can solve thanks to Artificial Intelligence!