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Company: Albini Group

Industry: textile

Application type: Mobile App

App name: Fabric Butler

Albini, the founding Brand of the Group of the same name, has been in the textile industry since 1876 and is now a leading manufacturer of high-end shirting fabrics in Europe. Today Albini Group directly controls the entire production chain, from raw material to finished product: this constitutes a uniqueness in the textile industry and allows it to keep each stage of production competitive and to track and control every step, ensuring product quality, optimal service and speed in response.

Fabric Butler

Mobile app for tracking – in real time – orders, digitizing collections and implementing advanced mobile eCommerce for fabric purchasing.

Mobile App

Fabric Butler is a native iOS and Android App dedicated to those who love high-quality tailored shirts.

With an innovative catalog, Fabric Butler features the full range of Albini fabrics offered by the world’s best tailors. The App can be used by tailors, retailers, end-consumers who are already customers and those who are not yet; in fact, each user has a personalized user interface, depending on whether they belong to a specific buyer persona group.

Fabric Butler has all the typical features of an eCommerce store: a main page with editorial content (news, latest trends, shortcuts), a rich catalog divided by brand, books, pages with more than 1,500 images and product descriptions, text search using filters, a shopping cart and order history, contact form, and account configuration.

Customer Requirement

Albini Group expressed to us their desire to give Customers direct access to the entire catalog and network of tailors, retailers and end consumers with a solution that combines tradition, technology and style to give everyone immediate access to the exclusive world of Italian haute couture shirts.

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Mockup App Fabric Butler

DuckMa Solution

The complexity lay in establishing new business relationships internationally with small businesses and artisans.

This led to our insight into the ideal tool to achieve the business goal and integrate with the sales materials already in use: the smartphone. So we opted for a Mobile App.

Fabric Butler is a native iOS and Android App dedicated to lovers of high-quality shirts. With an innovative, fully digitized catalog, Fabric Butler presents the full range of Albini fabrics, offered by the world’s best tailors.

Albini Group’s Fabric Butler App targets tailors, retailers and end consumers.

In addition to providing after-sales support, we have initiated, at the Customer’s request, a “training on the job” program for the team of engineers who will manage the Application in-house.

App Features and Benefits:

  • Tailor Locator: native App allows end consumers to locate the nearest tailors by leveraging GPS and gyroscope
  • Gamification: Fabric Butler guides users in choosing the ideal fabric through a series of questions that play on their personal tastes and needs
  • Innovative Catalog
  • User interface customized according to user type
  • Mobile eCommerce
  • Textual and filtered search
  • Shopping cart and order history
  • Contact form
  • Account configuration
Mockup App Fabric Butler

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