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"Notion" also means "idea" or "concept". In the present case, Notion is an App created to help us better organize our time and our life (and these days, the writer's humble opinion, there is a need for it).

Mockup dell'applicazione Notion


For those who prefer digital organizers to paper ones, Notion can be an interesting option. First of all because it is a very versatile cloud-based application, suitable both for the most busy professionals, and for the student who has to match the slots of the lessons with those of the internship.

Another plus, Notion is 100% cross-platform, a very useful feature for use at different times of the day, on different devices and for purposes that have nothing to do with each other.

As soon as the organization of a to-do list on the PC has been completed, just to name one, it is possible to annotate the latest interesting brand that we have captured in the stories of Instagram from a tablet or smartphone and immediately after note the birthday of the third cousin of which in the meantime the diligent relative has warned us.

Notion also works offline: it keeps everything pending and then proceeds to synchronize once we get back online.

Available for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android, Notion has four packages: Personal (free), Personal Pro (4 Usd per month), Team (8 Usd per month per user) and Enterprise, with price to be established in agreement with Sales App team.

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