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The advantages of Tauatu

Familiarity: It reaches the hearts of your associates directly through a tool that they always have with them, the smartphone;

  • Ergonomics: Thanks to our experience in planning an amazing user experience, your users will immediately learn to communicate with you without the need for guidelines, manuals or courses. Just open the app and start using it !;
  • Involvement: Your associates will find interesting news and updates in the app that you have decided to share with them and will always keep up with the pace of the association;
  • Discretion: The users of the app will be able to decide whether to receive all notifications, only those relating to the emi of their interest or not to receive them at all. Furthermore, in-app messages are separated from spam, personal or business emails;
  • Promotion: With Tauatu you give the right prominence to your events that enjoy a dedicated section complete with personalized notices for each participant.
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Discover Tauatu, the mobile app to give value to your organization!

We created Tauatu with a very specific spirit: to always put the user at the center of the process. With Tauatu the associates are protagonists of the associative activities. Discover Tauatu features, advantages and prices now!