Knowing what your employees and collaborators are doing during the day and keeping an eye on processing and delivery times, attendance, absences and transfers can become a problem. Mobile Worker is the management app dedicated to the work that we have developed to solve it.

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What is Mobile Worker?

Mobile Worker is, first of all, an application that will please the Human Resources manager of your company. With the Mobile Worker app you can monitor and organize the work of all your employees and collaborators, assigning them specific activities and checking that working times are in line with the delivery deadlines for orders. Mobile Worker also helps you to register attendance and to support the Human Resources department in case of unexpected events.

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The advantages of Mobile Worker

Mobile Worker is a versatile work app, applicable in companies of the most diversified sectors that need to monitor worker activity and optimize business processes.

  • Activity planning: You can schedule the activities of each employee by indicating the estimated times and organizing the shifts, starting from the assignment of the activity until the closing of the order;
  • Off-site attendance detection: Mobile Worker simplifies attendance detection, even off-site in case there are people away or with tasks that require frequent exits;
  • Leave and Leave Management: Mobile Worker supports a specific form for requesting vacations, leave and for reporting sick leave; this allows a more effective planning of work and processing and delivery times.

Who the Mobile Worker is for

Over the years, we have perfected Mobile Worker and have expanded the modules that can be integrated into the basic version to make the app usable by companies - belonging to the most diverse sectors - that have the common goal of monitoring the activity of employees and collaborators and optimize business processes.

- Production Companies: Mobile Worker intervenes where the optimization of work processes and the monitoring of the costs of each order are essential;

- Cleaning companies: The app allows you to plan and detect the activities of off-site staff and allows you to promptly receive notifications of unexpected absences or critical issues that occur at the customer's site;

- Security Institutes: The geo-localization and the technology with which we have developed Mobile Worker allow to detect the night passages of security guards in headquarters or in the branch and allow you to promptly change the paths of the security guard in case of need.


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The app that will let you manage work and personnel activities is here.

Tell us about your project and in a month we will implement Mobile Worker in your company, with a structured version of the app tailored for you!