The meeting point between fantasy and reality is called Mecha.

We went wild and thought of an app that, from the outside, is a bit like a set of Lego bricks.

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What is Mecha?

Mecha is the advanced app for creating wireframes designed for the development of mobile applications.Mecha is based on specific software modules - for example the modules Authentication, Profile, Content List, Map View and many others - which allow us to optimize processes and development costs of new apps, both iOS and Android, and for you to plan a certain investment with very high customization possibilities.

Advantages of Mecha

Mecha is a portfolio of standard modules that offers you a semi-finished code, the starting point for the development of an Android and / or iOS app or a cloud software. Mecha allows us to create mobile solutions based on the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) model as well as complex customized projects.

With Mecha, during the development process, we have several software modules available that we can intelligently compose to create the app of your dreams and speed up the release of mobile, backend and web software.

Don't think of Mecha as an app to be used as it is. Imagine it more like a vast expanse of bricks to choose and combine according to your project, to have a unique application built from standard modules.

Mecha is for everyone. It works perfectly on small project development and is the ideal starting point for complex and advanced solutions.

Mecha is a win-win pact between you and DuckMa: you are satisfied and we are happy. We have worked in the best possible conditions and you benefit from a top-level product.

Mecha has a positive effect on the cost of your app: it also allows you to save on customizations extraneous to standard modules and to benefit from top technological tools that are constantly updated.

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