We went wild and thought of an app that, from the outside, is a bit like a set of Lego bricks. The meeting point between fantasy and reality is called Mecha.

How long does it take to send an offer to your customer?

Mediamente - e spesso nel migliore dei casi - ci vuole una settimana, ora più ora meno. Con DuckMa Configurator ti bastano due minuti. Incredibile, vero?

What is DuckMa Configurator?

The DuckMa configurator is designed to give concrete support to the commercial area and your customers. Your sales department will be able to generate and send offers in minutes, with clear ideas about the cost and structure of the project. With DuckMa Configurator you can configure your products and services and know the cost in the blink of an eye.

The advantages of DuckMa Configurator

Speed ​​in the production of offers: Generate and send the offer to your customer in less than two minutes;

  • Management autonomy: With DuckMa Configurator you have full control of the configurator without going through the supplier every time;
  • Transparency and Clarity: Both your sales department and your customer will see the same offer.

Who DuckMa Configurator is

The configurator is reflected in various sectors, from manufacturing to commercial, which customize products and services based on customer needs, passing through the tertiary sector.

With the DuckMa Configurator, you can create a customized configurator to manage sizes, colors and models or to choose personalized bedding.

DuckMa Configurator does not set limits of use, on the contrary it is in progressive evolution also thanks to the customers who have already adopted it.

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Producing an offer has never been this fast!

Don't wait any longer: break the rules and support your sales team with a quick and useful tool. Adopt DuckMa Configurator now!