Is the quarantine preventing you from organizing your next event?

With our solution you can organize your next ONLINE event.

We invite you to read how Mr. Duck managed to organize his event without leaving home, and how he was able to transform a difficult moment into a new business opportunity by collecting the favorable opinions of his audience for the online initiative.

The unexpected, the moment of difficulty, the solution

Mr. Duck, after months of organizing the corporate event of the year, was forced to cancel the appointment due to the Covid-19 emergency. For Mr. Duck this event represents a fundamental moment for the collection of orders and new contracts, lifeblood for his company. Although tried by the sad events and aware of the difficult moment that will go down in history due to human losses and the economic difficulty that will be felt in the coming months, Mr. Duck has decided not to give it up. He decided to convert the event into a live streaming capable, even if at a distance, of maintaining contact, even if virtual, with his target. Without further hesitation, he picks up the phone and contacts DuckMa, his trusted technology partner, to technically evaluate his idea. The event is confirmed! It will be online.

Create an App for online events

Are you too among the hundreds of entrepreneurs who are wondering how to manage events at the time of the Coronavirus and at the same time are unable to leave the house? So why not evaluate an App that helps you manage all the phases of an online event (before, during and after) allowing you to collect contacts and orders as you always have. The App informs your customers about the program and the speakers of the event, invites them to register, reminds them of the appointment in the days before the fateful date. They just need a simple tap on the application to participate in the entire event or in a specific speech of interest. Compared to the website, the Mobile App is a constant presence in your customers' daily lives. The use of push notifications maintains a close link with customers, also promptly informing them of unexpected events that may occur a few days after the event. You will then be able to profile your users and make a targeted lead generation.

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Benefits for your company

  • Reduced budget for the on demand event

    Organizing an online event requires little financial investment. It is the ideal solution for companies that do not have a sufficient budget to promote a large-scale event or for Startups who want to make themselves visible without risking a large sum of money without being sure of the return on investment. Basically, an online event does not require a location, one of the most important items of an event; no cost for the catering service (for coffee breaks, lunch and dinner); the reduction of costs for technological services; the elimination of logistics and transport costs for employees and speakers.

  • The online event "lives" longer

    Starting from the registration and the eventual payment of the participation ticket made directly from the Event App, lead profiling is started to arrive at the distribution of the slides in the post-event phase. With push notifications aimed at interaction and better segmentation of leads, it is possible to reach matching systems for networking or educational communication actions by sector or product with the aim of transforming participants in an online event into new customers.

  • Greater interaction with participants

    A dedicated App optimizes traditional event management processes by allowing attendees to easily access all information both before, during and after the online event.

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Why put my trust on DuckMa for the development of my App?

DuckMa has been creating apps for corporate communication for several years, but not only. We are partners of different realities that have turned to us for the development of their application.

Atena Mobile

Over 3500 courses delivered annually by different branches present in 7 different regions.

Our client, Atena S.p.a of Brescia deals with training for companies, individuals and professionals. In 2018 we were contacted to design and build an App to reduce the distance between the company and the users of the services provided. Today, thanks to the content published within the Atena Mobile application, the user receives timely information on training activities and organized events. In addition to this, it is possible to buy online courses for dozens of product sectors and professional categories. The solution allows the various branches in 8 regions of Italy to promptly communicate the wide range of courses and training solutions to the thousands of connected users.

Tauatu Events

Over time, DuckMa has created Apps for various kinds of events. Each of our applications includes the registration of participants, the event program, the detail of each single speech, the detailed presentation of each speaker, notifications of approaching the date of the event, the distribution of post-event slides, interaction with the speaker to ask specific questions in relation to the speech.

Among the various achievements we mention:

IMW (Innovation Makes Wonder) is the annual conference dedicated to innovation organized by the Young Entrepreneurs Group of Brescia.

V ° Edition of the International Conference

• Node-Js held in Verona in October 2018 dedicated to the community of Javascript programmers

Supernova innovation festival by Talent Garden

Some of the Applications we have created for corporate communication and the organization of Events

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Turnkey proposal

  • Landing page

    Creation of a landing page dedicated to your online event. We will provide you with a graphic model that we will customize based on the corporate identity (logo, institutional colors, etc)

  • Online event app

    Realization of the App for an online event where you can manage: the description of the event, the program, the description of each speech, the link to the online event (live streaming on third-party platforms), the profile of each speaker, the sponsors and the 'news area in which to communicate service information.

Our basic proposal only provides for the creation of the App for the event, while any other activity is the client company's right to decide to implement. The minimum contract term is four-monthly. The event organizer will be able to cancel the contract 1 month before the deadline or extend the contract quarterly or annually.

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