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Continue reading and find out how Mr Duck, your potential customer, uses the technology on his smartphone to improve the efficiency of his actions and give himself more time for yourself and your family.

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It’s finally night time. After putting his two children to bed, Mr. Duck gets comfortable on the sofa to enjoy a moment of relaxation and takes the opportunity to check the progress of his investments in Bitcoin. Since using the Conio App it has become very easy for him to buy, sell or just monitor his cryptocurrency.

We create Fintech Apps that facilitate everyday life

Although we have only talked about it for a few years, the Fintech sector seems to be the chosen one to revolutionize the entire financial sector.

On the other hand, the innovation that distinguishes Fintech is able to intercept and break down the mistrust of traditional banks and on the other hand it meets the increasingly widespread habit of meeting a personal need in a few clicks or with just a few taps, whether it's making a payment, renewing insurance, monitoring “classic” or bitcoin investments or applying for a loan. The Fintech Apps allow you to reach a heterogeneous audience that also includes Millennials, an interesting target but not always easy to intercept.

Discover the Advantages of a Fintech App for your company

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    Due to its characteristics of simplicity and transparency, Fintech services are potentially aimed at anyone: from banks that relate to each other or with their institutional clients to SMEs who instead weave financial relationships with customers and suppliers, up to the actual final consumers. All these subjects can obtain enormous advantages from trends such as Mobile Banking, Data Analysis and the disintermediation of processes and procedures.

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    From Retail Banking to investment management, from virtual negotiations on rates and loans to the creation of Cryptocurrencies, even in the financial universe the current trend is to abandon physical structures in favor of actions that can be carried out directly from the smartphone.

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    Endless possibilities

    Thanks to innovative technologies such as Machine Learning, every financial experience is personalized in detail and tailored to your company based on the behavior of your users. We can help you create a service for spending forecasting, monitoring and investment management or to digitalize the figure of the independent financial advisor, who in some cases only gives advice on finance and digital currency to help users become autonomous in operations.

Why trust DucMma for the development of your Fintech App?

We have been working in financial technology for years, ever since the first Startups entered the Italian market. We have created Apps like Conio, a bitcoin wallet to sell, buy or keep safe digital currency. We helped Hype, Banca Sella's integrated simple and smart account, to integrate Conio's Bitcoin Wallet. And even before that, we created the Trendrating mobile app, an application for managing and monitoring investments with predictive alerts to improve returns by reducing risks, also thanks to personalized advice.

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Is a Fintech App the right solution for me?

You have a great opportunity before you; 25% of the Italian population between 18 and 74 (practically 11 million users) used at least one Fintech or Insurtech service, with a high average satisfaction.

The most popular services are claims management from smartphones, immediate subscription to insurance or access to financing, in addition of course to Mobile Payment.

Italian SMEs also interface with financial and insurance digitization. More than half of Italian SMEs interact with financial institutions with a Mobile App and there is still great space for the dissemination of alternative financing methods such as Minibond, Crowdfunding, Supply Chain Finance solutions and services based on Blockchain and Distributed Ledger.

Find out how to optimize costs, times, functions and design for the creation of your Fintech App.


Conio is the best known Made in Italy wallet in 2018 that we have developed to buy, sell and keep Bitcoins safe. Conio, in addition to a group of professional investors, also includes Poste Italiane, Banca Finanziaria Internazionale, Fabrick, Boost Heroes and Angels for Growth among its shareholders.

The App in 2018 won the Forbes Awards and the San Francisco Design Week Awards for its seamlessness and simplicity.

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