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Continue reading and find out how Mr Duck, a possible customer of yours, uses the technology on his smartphone to improve the efficiency of his actions and give himself more time for himself and his family.

10:30 am

It’s now time for Mr. Duck to get to work. He opens the App Artemis (by Piscine Castiglione) and checks the basic parameters: the water's pH, chlorine concentration, pump speed, operating notifications and the play of light. He then transmits the data to the Central System. At the end of the intervention, the Mobile Worker App reopens, which monitors the hours worked, closes the order and transmits the report to the customer who thanks and greets him. Mr Duck is ready for a new surgery.

Tailored Software for Innovative Companies

Some entrepreneurs think that their product or service cannot be digitized. In reality, with Internet of Things, the integration with voice assistants and with the support of cloud storage, we can accompany you in the digital transformation of your company as we have already done for Piscine Castiglione with Artemis.

Here's how the Internet of Things can help you:

  • Smart business icon
    Make your business smart

    Enrich your company's proposals with the help of IoT. You can create a totally integrated ecosystem between the object you provide (which can be, for example, a product for the home or a plant) and technology, in which a smartphone that can be integrated with voice assistants and smart speakers.

  • Management levels icon
    Different level of management

    With an app like Artemis you can set up different scenarios and users for pool management: end users, installers and supplier company. For installers and for your company, the App acts as a real work tool, while for the end user it is a control panel to always have his pool as he wishes.

  • Business Intelligence icon
    All the data for your Business Intelligence

    Control everything that happens through the IoT board developed with our partner that sends all data to the cloud via the MQTT protocol. By analyzing the information at your disposal, you can have diagnostics on swimming pools, obtain useful information for preventive and predictive maintenance, make a census of users and installers and plan your marketing activities by setting push notifications.

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We work closely with entrepreneurs every day. We know that every company has very specific needs. We don’t see your needs as a problem that is hard to solve, but rather an opportunity to deliver the most suitable solution for you. Each of our projects is tailor-made to bring to your company the best possible result, developed with you by supporting you from the analysis of the project to the creation and delivery of the App.

Is IoT the right solution for me?

Digitize and automate processes

Analyze data

Have all the information to create new businesses

Propose valuable services to your customers

Apps similar to Artemis by Piscine Castiglione allow you to maximize the ability to collect and use data from a multitude of sources and allow you to

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We present an executive project with objectives, functional and technical specifications, graphic analysis and, thanks to our collaboration with a partner that manufactures hardware, even a prototype.

If you like the executive project, we start the operational phase divided into stages that end with a release. With each release we evaluate the results, correct any errors and continue on the path that proves most effective.

Finally we come back to you with a solution done well.

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