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Continue reading and find out how Mr Duck, a possible customer of yours, uses the technology on his smartphone to improve the efficiency of his actions and give himself more time for himself and his family.

8:45 am

After breakfast, Mr. Duck is ready to start his day. As he goes down the stairs, he takes his phone out and clicks on the Rib Gate App to unlock the front door, raise the garage door and open the driveway gate. Just outside his property, he activates the alarm system and video surveillance directly from his smartphone. Mr. Duck will leave his home feeling confident and secured that his house is in good hands.

Creating IoT Apps to put technology and the real world in communication

The Internet of Things is a set of technology that allows you to connect any type of device to the Internet. The purpose of these solutions is to monitor, control and transfer information and then carry out consequent actions. Through the IoT, some devices can interact with the network and with the surrounding world, gathering information, connecting technology and the real world and allowing you to do Business Intelligence thanks to the information you have access to.

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Benefits for your business

  • Solution for every sector icon
    Solutions for every industry

    All economic sectors can benefit from adopting an IoT platform. A car manufacturer, for example, can monitor the wear of mechanical parts based on the stresses of the vehicle. In the industrial sector it is possible to apply sensors to specific machinery and products by studying their behavior during use. In the manufacturing sector, the Internet of Things allows you to duplicate an object with a digital simulation and transpose the prototyping and testing phases to the software. For other sectors, each control unit can help to understand the dynamics of variation of specific parameters thus allowing preventive and predictive maintenance.

  • Production process icon
    Efficiency of production processes

    IoT applications are a concrete help to daily work and company management. Through this technology, it is possible to automate processes, reduce waste by means of intelligent inventory monitoring, intervene in time in maintenance, avoiding breakdowns and downtime that would lead to delays in delivery and loss of money. Furthermore, IoT applications allow us to reduce energy waste by making our company smarter and greener, but also to set up more informed strategic decision-making processes.

  • Business intelligence icon
    Business Intelligence

    The IoT makes the most of the information deriving from the collection of an enormous amount of data that would be impossible to manage without the automation of processes. Every entrepreneur can analyze the information obtained in real time, promptly adapting his strategies, whether it is Marketing, Customer Care or Maintenance.

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