If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to get closer with your customers, then... you’d want to know what to do before, during and after the organization of your event.

You’d want to know what to do before, during and after the organization of your event.

We invite you to read how Mr. Duck has organized his normal day, helped by several Apps that make him optimize his time.

7:30 am

Mr. Duck is the CEO of an important corporate group. Today, Mr Duck will take care of the business unit in which maintenance technicians and installers work. While eating his breakfast, he takes a few minutes on the App of the service company that provides professional courses. Initially, he takes a look at the online magazine to keep up to date with the regulatory changes in its sector. Then, before finishing breakfast, he enrolls some collaborators in a funded training course that he viewed the night before. Few taps on the App to confirm the date and pay for the course. The employees will soon receive an automatic notification with the course start information and the identification code to be presented in the classroom.

Creating an app for tailor-made communication

If you are among the thousands of entrepreneurs attentive to corporate communication, then you could consider developing a Mobile App as an additional tool for building customer loyalty. Compared to the website, the Mobile App is a constant presence in the daily life of your customers. It is not invasive, but through push notifications to the smartphone, close contact is maintained with customers, informing them about news and company events.

Advantages for your company

  • Costant information icon
    Constant information

    The goal of every entrepreneur is to keep their customers updated on the new solutions adopted in the company. It will also have happened to you to hear from a customer surprised by a new service or product introduced recently in the company: “if I had known, I would have turned to you and not your competitor”. This kind of information can be conveyed simply by a Mobile App dedicated to corporate communication. Going straight to the goal is what counts today and makes the difference and the Mobile App must be your solution!

  • Nourishment and education icon
    Nutrition & Education

    The winning weapon to generate new contacts or to retain your customers is to plan a communication strategy with the aim of increasing the knowledge of your company but also to enrich your contacts and customers with qualitative content. The Mobile App, through scheduled notifications, nourishes registered users with targeted and segmented content by sector or professional category.

  • Increase in turnover icon
    Increase in turnover

    The Mobile App dedicated to the communication of your company, allows you to increase the visibility and notoriety of your brand. At the same time it helps to increase turnover due to the greater awareness of customers of what your company can do for them.

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Atena Mobile

Our client, Atena Spa from Brescia,  deals with training for companies, individuals and professionals. In 2018 we collaborated to design and create an App to induce a closer relationship between the company and the users of the services they provide. Today, through the contents published within the Atena Mobile application, the user receives timely information on the training activities and events organized. In addition to this, it is possible to buy online courses for dozens of product sectors and professional categories. The solution allows the various branches in 8 Italian regions to promptly communicate the wide range of courses and training solutions to the thousands of connected users.

Atena Mobile Home


DuckMa has created apps for various kinds of events over time. Each of our apps includes the several things like registration of participants, the event program, the detail of each single speech, the detailed presentation of each speaker, notifications of approaching the date of the event, the distribution of post-event slides, interaction with the speaker to ask specific questions in relation to the speech.

Among the various achievements we mention:

  • IMW (Innovation Makes Wonder) is the annual conference dedicated to innovation organized by the Young Entrepreneurs Group of Brescia.
  • 5th  Edition of the Node-Js International Conference held in Verona in October 2019 dedicated to the community of Javascript programmers.
  • Supernova innovation festival by Talent Garden.

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We have experience to sell ...

We have experience to sell ...

We often come across companies that are coming from an unfortunate experience regarding their dream App project created by some trusted communication agency. As a last resort, they turn to us, to find a solution after several attempts to make the App "work".

But why does this happen?

The agency must’ve taken the initiative to develop an app themselves, but later on realize that a project like this that demands higher knowledge to attain better quality of work .

What’s the solution for an entrepreneur who wants to work on a dream Mobile App?

It is certainly important to rely on highly specialized companies. DuckMa for example, is ann upscale company for the development of Android and IOS applications. We use a method that we continue to refine with the aim of guaranteeing quality in the development phase but also respecting delivery times.

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