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But first, we invite you to read how Mr. Duck has organized his typical day, made up of Apps that come to his aid to optimize his time.

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It's time for the break and Mr Duck takes advantage of it to open his app, from where he’s able to see things like the latest industry news and upcoming events. His attention focuses on a charity dinner that he can’t miss. “It’s in fifteen days, it’s right in the area; I could go with my wife! ", Mr. Duck exclaimed.

Within just a few seconds, Mr. Duck has purchased tickets to the said charity event, with his credit card. Confirmation of the charge and table reservation for two has gotten into his mail as well. Mr. Duck then forwards all the information to  his wife by placing the event on the agenda of both.

App for tailored communication with associates and customers

Whether you manage a company or an entrepreneur, you will have wished more than once to be able to communicate with associates and customers quicker and more efficiently. Technology helps you: with our App you have a single tool to manage events and communicate quickly. Doing it from a PC would require the use of different software.

Benefits for your organization

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    Involve your audience

    Increase interaction with your customers and associates by providing them with valuable content, from the news of the sector in which you operate to the calendar of scheduled events. Users are thus informed promptly thanks to the push notification and can register for your events in a few taps.

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    Integrate payment system

    Speed ​​is a fundamental element for you as well as for your customers or associates. Users can quickly pay the membership fee, a sponsorship or registration for an event directly in the app thanks to the integration with the main credit card circuits and online services.

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    Simplify management

    Adding news and events to the app is quick and easy. The basic flow includes login, registration, user profiling, paged and filtered lists, detail pages, static pages, push notification and usage reports.

Development of apps for event management and communication

DuckMa has been developing apps for years. We’ve created several for event management and event marketing, for communication with the customer and the management of online payments. Our Apps are the result of a complex process that aims to provide you with maximum ease of use.

Why choose DuckMa?

Many entrepreneurs and association officials have shared with us their sentiments needing to digitize event management and communication.

We have worked on projects with several needs, developing various solutions, united by ease of use, concrete and measurable results and an unbeatable value for money.

Do you want to find out how to create a successful event for your Association?


Tauatu is an application designed to integrate communication, event management and online shopping functions in a single software. Tauatu is the solution that allows you to increase the participation of the target, satisfying their need to feel involved by sharing relevant content. Tauatu is an integrated solution suitable for companies, associations and clubs of any nature due to its flexibility. Available in the IoS and Android version, the management is simplified thanks to an administration console, the measurement of results is intuitive and easy to consult through the Analytics board. The functioning of the App is guaranteed by our continuous assistance and telephone support.

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Over time, DuckMa has created apps for various kinds of events. Each of our applications includes the registration of participants, the event program, the detail of each single speech, the detailed presentation of each speaker, notifications of approaching the date of the event, the distribution of post-event slides, interaction with the speaker to ask specific questions in relation to the speech. Among the various achievements we mention:

• IMW (Innovation Makes Wonder) is the annual conference dedicated to innovation organized by the Young Entrepreneurs Group of Brescia.

• 5th Edition of the Node-Js International Conference dedicated to the community of Javascript programmers

• Supernova innovation festival by Talent Garden

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It is important to rely on the right partner for a project to be successful, and meet your goals. We were inspired by these assumptions to prepare a package suitable for Startups, Companies, Associations and organizations. In addition to the App, we provide our advice to best design your technological solution and create the website to present it to your customers and immediately lead generation.

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