Do you want to highlight the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies for your company?

Communicating better with employees means having a more motivated, productive and loyal outlook toward your company's brand collaborators.

Continue reading and discover how Mr. Duck, your prospective client, uses the technology on its smartphones to improve the efficiency of its actions and treat yourself more time for himself and his family.

7:00 pm

It is now time for Mr. Duck to return home for dinner. He gets notified that the expenditure ordered with Richard, the Corporate Responsibility System he took on for his company, has been delivered by the local suppliers in the Smart Locker at the reception of his company. A few clicks and taps on the Richard App to collect your groceries, and you're done!

We create Apps to transform values ​​into value

Richard favors the company-employee dialogue by increasing the engagement and quality of the relationship. It also allows you to improve the work-life balance of your collaborators and to offer value to local merchants with a privileged channel for providing their services.

Advantages for your company

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    Services in favor of the territory

    Richard promotes local trade by allowing local merchants to offer their services to employees in companies thanks to the Richardbox system.

  • Performance icon
    Increase in performance

    With the Richard App you improve relations with your employees, their loyalty and strengthen the presence of your brand in the reference area, with a consequent increase in company performance

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    Value partnerships

    By activating shared enhancement projects, you increase the scale of interventions of Social Responsibility of your company achieving wide-ranging results in the area.

Why choose Richard?

Richard was born from the union of different “heads” united by the vocation of carrying out a project that would enhance the Corporate Social Responsibility activities of small and medium-sized enterprises. Large companies and multinationals have always played the lion's share in pursuing the issue of shared values ​​and for this reason, with Richard, we wanted to give the Italian productive fabric the opportunity to play a leading role in the relations between business and society. We believe that small and medium-sized enterprises, precisely by virtue of their size and the link with the territory that hosts them, are naturally suited to creating valuable partnerships that can benefit the entire district and the people who work there.

Screenshots Richard

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Is Richard the right solution for me?

Foster proximity trade

Foster work-life balance

Increase employee motivation

Richard was created to be an App that enhances CSR and gives support to the employee to:

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Results and value immediately

With Richard and Richard.Box, your employees will receive their online purchases in an organized way. In particular, they will be delivered what they have ordered from local suppliers who join the platform. In fact, Richard involves small businesses in the area who do not have e-commerce platforms in a virtuous circuit, placing them in a marketplace to offer their products and services to businesses.

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