Do you want to adapt your e-commerce to the habits of your customers who all have a smartphone and use the Apps?

With a Mobile Commerce solution you make it easy for your customers to purchase from smartphones

First, however, we invite you to read how Mr. Duck organized his typical day, made up of Apps that come to his aid to optimize his time.

4:45 pm

With the charity dinner coming, Mr. Duck has decided to get himself a tailored suit. He gets on the Fabric Butler App by the Albini Group. He first selects the type of fabric he prefers, he can visualize better the final output through the 3D configurator. After viewing the final result in Augmented Reality format, he then adds it to the cart! The app then sends a notification to the tailor to inform him of the imminent delivery of the fabric and accessories necessary to work on the order.

Every moment is good opportunity to buy with an E-commerce App

With an E-commerce app, your customers will be able to buy directly from their smartphone at the time they prefer, perhaps when they are relaxed on the sofa without anyone disturbing them. With a Mobile Commerce App you can do even more, for example digitize your catalog and enrich the contents with information and curiosities about your sector. Your customers will know in real time if the item of interest to them is available and, if not, they will be able to view alternatives or receive an alert when the product is back in stock, while you can work to replenish stocks. Your Mobile Commerce app can be synchronized with the web e-commerce platform to simplify order management.

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Advantages for your company

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    User interface customized by type of user

    In addition to you, your mobile commerce App can be used by final consumers, even if they are not already customers, by any resellers and by all the players involved in your sales process and packaging of the final product. Each user operates with a customized user interface according to the cluster to which he belongs.

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    Through our gamification dynamics, you can guide the user in choosing the most suitable product through a series of questions that play on his tastes and needs.

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    Amaze with Augmented Reality

    Enriching your Mobile Commerce App with augmented reality allows users to view three-dimensional objects in the surrounding reality via the smartphone screen to “virtually” evaluate how they would fit at home or worn.

Why choose DuckMa for my E-Commerce App?

We know how to take on the most ambitious challenges, we analyze your market and the peculiarities of your company with you to achieve the objectives. We are experts in App development and in the integration of the most innovative systems such as augmented reality and 3D configurators.

Discover a Successful Mobile Commerce Project.

Is an E-Commerce App the right solution for me?

With a Mobile Commerce App you guarantee the purchase experience:

All the features of your E-commerce

The real availability of the products through the synchronization between the Application and the eCommerce platform

the potential of a native App and the ease of use

the fun from experiencing Augmented Reality

56% of mobile surfers use smartphones to make online purchases and, among these, about 40% do so only or mainly through this device.

For 82% of users, the usability of an application affects the judgment given to it. *

* Source: Mobile B2C Strategy Observatory - Politecnico di Milano

Application sectors of a E-commerce App

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    When it comes to fashion, users want to be able to choose from a wide range of models and want to take advantage of technology to make sure they have chosen the right size and that their favorite garment will look great.

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    The smartphone brings the customer closer to the point of sale. Users want to receive promotions, offers and collect loyalty points directly from their mobile device.

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    Home and furniture

    Furniture is also increasingly part of online shopping habits. Thanks to augmented reality, it is possible to offer the user the experience of furnishing "virtually" their home by evaluating the measures and arrangement of the selected furniture. the possibility of arranging the furniture in the rooms to see if the measurement is correct and the effect they make.

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    A Mobile Commerce App for food & beverage can include different applications: from home delivery of meals or groceries to the possibility of finding restaurants and bars with the location function and GPS.

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We develop the App in the most supple way possible

Once we studied the project together with the company, we understood that the best way to manage Albini Group's Fabric Butler was the agile Scrum method. This methodology allowed us to deliver the project incrementally, to respond quickly to new requests and to facilitate direct collaboration with the customer. After 10 days from the beginning of the works there was the first release, the second after 18 days and the third after 25. On the thirty-eighth day we released the App on the stores. In summary, in 40 days we have released three intermediate versions of the App to the customer plus the final one on the store.

Fabric Butler by Albini Group

Albini Group is a company in the textile sector founded in 1876. Since its origins, Albini Group focuses on attention to the quality of raw materials, on reliability towards customers and has always shown an accentuated vocation for 'innovation. Today Albini Group controls the entire supply chain, from raw material to finished product.

Albini Group customers are tailors from all over the world - we speak of small shops as well as internationally renowned brands - to whom the company's catalogs are addressed.

The desire to have direct access to the entire network of tailors, resellers and end consumers pushed the group to seek a solution that could combine tradition, technology and style to give everyone immediate access to the exclusive world of Italian haute couture. The search for this solution started from a fulcrum that unites all needs: the smartphone. Hence the Fabric Butler App.

Fabric Butler is a native iOS and Android app dedicated to those who love high quality tailored shirts.

Thanks to an innovative catalog, Fabric Butler presents the entire range of Albini fabrics offered by the best tailors in the world. The app can be used by tailors, retailers, final consumers who are already customers and final consumers who have never been customers: each user has a personalized user interface, depending on whether he belongs to one of these four groups.

Fabric Butler has all the typical features of an ecommerce: a main page with editorial content (news, latest trends, shortcuts, etc.), a rich catalog divided by brands, books, pages with over 1500 images and product descriptions, text search and with filters, cart and order history, contact form and account configuration.

It is easy to understand that the pluses of a mobile ecommerce derive largely from the hardware features made available by the device: Fabric Butler is a native app and therefore is able to exploit the network, GPS and the camera to obtain concrete application advantages. .

One of the requested objectives was to improve the experience of tailors, accustomed to using paper catalogs and then manually searching for the article codes in the ecommerce. We found the solution in the native functionality: the app uses the camera of the device to identify and interpret the item codes in real time from the catalog page. As these codes are not in a standard format, we have developed an ad hoc OCR function, customizing the machine learning framework Tensor Flow and then instructing it to recognize these fabric codes.

With Fabric Butler, end consumers can view the map of the tailors closest to their location. By exploiting the hardware features of the device (in particular: GPS and gyroscope) with the scroll and pinch to zoom, the user can search for Albini tailors in the world, see the details and choose who to send the wishlist to.

In the Fabric Butler project we were supported by two Albini Group technical partners: the first took care of the development of the back end, the second of the UI / UX study. In regards to development of both iOS and Android, we were also hired for all the coordination and project management activities, dictating priorities and times and taking care of synchronizing the work to optimize the releases on the stores of the intermediate versions of the apps.

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