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Continue reading and find out how Mr Duck, a possible customer of yours, uses the technology on his smartphone to improve the efficiency of his actions and give himself more time for himself and his family.

9:00 am

Mr. Duck is ready for a new working day. Even before starting his car, he opens the Mobile Worker App which helps him manage his maintenance technicians who are based around the area .

With this solution, Mr Duck organizes the work of his collaborators in a simple, effective and above all remote way. Today, Mr. Duck has an appointment with a client to overhaul the lake house pool system. When he arrives at his destination, he opens the Mobile Worker App on his smartphone, selects the name of the customer and the order and with a tap he begins to trace the time and the various activities indicated in the check-list of his intervention.

What is Mobile Worker

Mobile Worker is the Mobile App that allows you to monitor and organize the work of each individual employee, to manage attendance, to generate reports and intervention reports carried out, to request the procurement of materials consumption, to manage unexpected events and emergencies in the human resources field. It is a versatile tool that meets the satisfaction of entrepreneurs in the most disparate sectors who have in common the need to monitor the activity of their employees and collaborators to optimize the work process.

Mobile Worker Log

Here's how Mobile Worker can help you

  • Employee activity icon
    Organize each employee’s activities and tasks

    The department manager, via a web console, plans the activities of each resource indicating the estimated working times and the relative man / machine shifts. The employee, from his smartphone, starts his working day by opening the calendar and then moving on to the details of each individual order. For each activity assigned to him, he activates time tracking until the end of the work. At the end of the day, the manager will automatically receive, from each employee, the times and activities carried out.

  • Out of office employees icon
    Monitor the essence of your off-site employees

    The App allows you to detect the presence of employees not only at the workplace but especially when they operate across the country. The Application is suitable for the attendance control of personnel on the move or on the move such as drivers, cleaning service providers, security agents, home care professionals, workers on site and, in general, the solution is perfect for management of off-site employees.

  • Permission management icon
    Easily manage your employees' leave, holidays and absences

    Inside Mobile Worker, Holiday Request, leaves and the communication of sick leave forms are to be found. With just a few taps on the Application, an employee can communicate his request quickly, allowing the employer to organize the collaborator's absences, even unforeseen, more promptly. The system allows the visualization of the daily, weekly and monthly planning of the vacation plan, of the leaves and of the absences, for illness in order to obtain an overview useful for their management.

Why choose Mobile Worker compared to the countless alternate proposals I find on the market?

About 2 years ago, we found ourselves having to solve a problem that jeopardized the correct monitoring of the various open orders. Despite the various solutions identified on the web, none were able to fully satisfy our requests. For this reason, we have decided - given our competence in the field of development - to create a platform that was simple and at the same time capable of providing the right information to the project managers, the Management and the administrative / human resources office.

Today, Mobile Worker, after various versions, manages to please everyone: on the one hand the employee who, with a simple tap on his smartphone, tracks the activities of the day, on the other the various company areas are able to improve the management of each shop assistant. This solution allowed DuckMa to increase the profit margin by increasing the productive hours and above all to acquire know-how to improve the budgeting phase thanks to the reports produced.

Mobile Worker Calendar

Is Mobile Worker the right solution for me?

Mobile Worker was created to improve the management control of orders in particular:

The time used to carry out a specific project or service

The time spent on individual planned activities

The productivity and yield of each area or qualification

The costs for management

During the time, we have elevated the solution and expanded the modules that can be integrated into the basic version of Mobile Worker.

Applications created with Mobile Worker

  • Manufacturing companies icon
    Production companies

    Where the optimization of working times is essential to keep order costs under control. Each worker, using a smartphone, indicates the working times of each planned activity in the daily planning, providing the Management with timely information at the end of the shift.

  • Cleaning company icon
    Cleaning companies

    Where it is essential to plan the activity of the off-site workforce. The communication of the employee in the event of unexpected absence and the management of critical issues that occur at the customer is particularly welcome. In Mobile Worker there is a section dedicated to procurement: a few taps to request the supply of consumables at the place where the operator is carrying out the activity. The companies in the sector that are using our App report a significant reduction in the time for handling problems and the reduction of assistance calls from their employees.

  • Supervisory institutions icon
    Surveillance institutes

    In which the client company requests a confirmation of the night passages of the security guard at the headquarters or branch. In this case, through the combination of geo-localization and technology, it is possible to provide the customer with timely reporting of the daily, weekly and monthly passages. The detection via GPS allows the surveillance institution, in case of need, to promptly change the path of the security guard closest to the place of intervention.

  • Home/health care icon
    Home/healthy care

    Where it is important to plan the day of the staff in charge, indicating the home of each patient and the frequency of assistance. Mobile Worker for the healthcare sector provides a list of activities to be monitored for each individual patient (administration of medicines, symptoms, etc)

Want to know more about Mobile Worker?

Tecnocarpent srl

What was the reason you chose Mobile Worker?

TecnoCarpent is a Brescia company specializing in the construction of machinery for the aluminum industry. For some time we had been looking for a platform for monitoring orders that would provide timely data and at the same time we were looking for a solution that is easy to use by our collaborators who are not used to the use of technology. After months of evaluating various solutions, we decided to use a tool within the reach of all employees, namely their mobile phone. After identifying DuckMa as a supplier and evaluating the characteristics of the Mobile Worker App, we decided to make some customizations suited to our purpose.

What problems has Mobile Worker solved?

The problem in TecnoCarpent was the difficulty of promptly monitoring the progress of the order and the time taken for each individual process. In particular, we had to identify at which point in the production process there were drops in performance that subtracted margins from the single order.

Mobile Worker has allowed us to highlight organizational gaps within the production process. All this was made possible thanks to the collaboration of the employees who, having understood the real business need, began to use the App, providing the times of each process with extreme precision, which highlighted the positive and negative performance of each area.

What were the major problems due to the use of Mobile Worker?

The use of the application is extremely intuitive, the screens are simple and the tracking of each process is trivial. Despite this, the greatest criticality occurred following the implementation of Mobile Worker. In fact, we found an initial adversity of the collaborators in the use of the App as it was seen as a tool for controlling the activity of the individual. Only a few months after the introduction of the App, thanks to more information on the advantages that Mobile Worker brought to the company, we began to collect the first positive results that allowed us to identify and resolve organizational criticalities.

What are the results collected thanks to Mobile Worker?

Today, in the company, we have detailed information on each open order and the times and costs of those archived. This allows us to intervene immediately where we find processing times that are not in line with the project estimates by making timely interventions or any project corrections. We have increased the margins on each order and this has allowed us to reward our employees who have contributed to the tracking of work through the App.

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