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We invite you to read how Mr. Duck has organized his normal day, helped by several Apps that make him optimize his time.

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Mr. Duck cares a lot about his image to better present himself to the people he meets. Not only in appearance: beard and hair are always treated like clothing, but also in the company, Mr Duck pays attention to every detail aiming for maximum efficiency. It manages the reception of customers, suppliers and employees thanks to the face detection and face recognition potential of Aurora Augmented Reality, the same facial recognition app that it uses as a digital concierge during corporate events. In this way Mr. Duck is sure of the presence of people in the company or in the classroom, always respecting their privacy and guaranteeing company security.

Creating an App for an innovative and fast reception

If you are an entrepreneur attentive to the innovation and security aspects of your company, it is time to evaluate the development of a Mobile App for facial recognition. Thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, mobile face detection and face recognition applications allow you to manage access and attendance in the company faster, safer and more sustainable, both for the environment and in terms of costs.

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Advantages for your company

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    Savings and Sustainability

    The goal of every entrepreneur is to implement the best solutions for the company by optimizing the quality / price ratio. It may have happened to you to buy cheap software that turned out to be not very functional or very expensive applications that didn't keep their promises. A facial recognition application guarantees you an innovative system at a low cost. It is also a green solution given the low energy consumption and the drastic reduction in the use of paper archives.

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    Innovation at the service of the customer

    Like us, our customers are also increasingly committed and appreciate speed. Thanks to AI and machine learning applied on facial recognition systems, you can drastically reduce the waiting time for entering the company or an event while respecting privacy regulations.

  • Scalability icon

    The opportunities of the Internet of Things are constantly evolving. By purchasing a facial recognition App, you can benefit over time from subsequent implementations that will give you access to new features, such as unlocking the entrance gate of your business to authorized persons.

Why put my trust on DuckMa for the development of my App?

DuckMa has been developing tailor made apps for years. Our team doesn't just write codes: we constantly raise the bar with the application of AI, machine learning and IoT technology.

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Here's what experience has taught us

We have capitalized on the difficulties encountered in developing IoT solutions. Usually the companies rely on us, after having carried out a project on paper alongside their usual supplier of the electronic and sensorial part; only then are we called into question. Unfortunately, oftentimes, those who deal with electronics, actually know little about it, or underestimate the end-customer-oriented mobile and cloud software development.

We have to be involved from the moment of planning. If we involve ourselves only at a later time or in a later stage, it can lead to misalignments or waste of time and money.

Finally, it should be considered that hardware and software have different realization times. Not considering this, it can lead to strong delays on the project, since we do not have constant control of the sensor and / or electronic card supplier. This risked more than once to compromise the final outcome of the project. For this reason, we have consolidated a partnership with a leading company in the production of electronic components with the aim of guiding each project in the right direction also thanks to the strong specialization and verticalization.

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