If you have an idea for a Smart Home device but not know who to trust with its development? Find out the 5 questions to ask the company before starting your Smart Home project.

We invite you to read how Mr. Duck has organized his normal day, helped by several Apps that make him optimize his time.

We invite you to read how Mr. Duck has organized his normal day, helped by several Apps that make him optimize his time.

6:30 am

Mr Duck is an early riser. The sound of the smart alarm clock, that monitors the different stages of sleep, is gently waking him. He wakes up and is now ready to face a new working day. He hasn't gotten out of bed yet and his command already rings out in the room: “Alexa, good morning, activate morning routine. " In this way, through the Amazon smart speaker, the blinds in the bedroom and the whole house are raised automatically. As he walks down the corridor, Mr Duck is accompanied by his favorite song to the bathroom. What a good way to start the day, don’t you think?

Smart Home solutions to keep you abreast of the times and overcome the competition

The lifestyles of millions of people are transforming and increasingly becoming more connected  with people. Everyone's looking for smart solutions for their homes that can optimize the interaction with smart appliances. This market need has turned for manufacturers of home devices (and not only) in a race to develop smart devices, always connected with the user through a dedicated App to be installed on the smartphone.

A new business opportunity for the sector that not only generates new turnover for manufacturing companies, but that collects information that helps understand customer habits and monitors the usage data of the appliance.

We are in the Cloud era where devices talk to each other

The development of an App, although the user interface may be easy to understand, hides various programming complexities that are sometimes not taken into consideration by the Project Manager who is heading its development. The fact of always being connected and always having a smartphone has transformed the customer into a demanding and informed user who wants a solution that is simple to use but at the same time articulated from a functional point of view. Here the smart device must perform multiple actions: Collect data from the device, process it, send it to the cloud, wait for the response or listen to a command. manage the efficiency of the data exchanged and the uncertainty of always being online. All this in infinitely low times.

Only those who really have App development experience for the IoT world know and know how to manage these problems, managing to keep the project in development times.

Here are the reasons why you need to make your product ‘Smart’

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    To stand out from the competition and be part of the Hi-Tech battlefield

    Your end customer, through the connection of "things", is discovering multiple advantages and although the market is not mature, a lot of manufacturing companies are "gearing up" to meet this type of inexorably growing demand. Today, the customer, although unconsciously, chooses a product that is also in function, connected to the internet and that proposes a special App that allows man-machine communication without necessarily being at home. Investing in an IoT project by anticipating sector competition can represent - even if only in terms of image - a significant competitive advantage.

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    Put the customer (truly) at the center of your business

    Putting the customer at the center of your business represents the real return of investment for an IoT solution. In order to be activated, an Application requires identification of the customer who at that time, is willing to provide you his personal data (name, surname, city, product purchased, model, etc.) and consent to their use. From that moment, you have the possibility to communicate with him. Through the app, you will get indications on the real use of the functions by him. This will allow you to better focus research and development of new products. With a simple push notification, you will be able to inform your customers about updates and news of the product in use. It is the end user of your product to benefit from it, but it is for your own good as well. With the user data, you will understand how the user interacts with your product. For this reason, your company must define a clear digital strategy and a new business model to transform the amount of data collected into a powerful marketing tool.

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    Offer your customers excellent assistance

    Through the Diagnostic Information collected on the functioning of the IOT object, your company can organize an excellent assistance service by improving preventive maintenance or after a failure has occurred by communicating it immediately to your customer through a simple push notification. Your perception of your brand and service becomes an additional weapon for its loyalty. Being able to impress the customer by anticipating his needs, transforms him into a proactive testimonial of your Brand.

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    Transform data into valuable information

    The collection of usage data and problems encountered during the product assistance phase allows your company to have punctual market analysis, which are also transferable to third parties. Furthermore, this information becomes fundamental during the design phase of new products or services customized to specific needs encountered during the use by the final consumer.

This is how we make our experience available

Smart appliances (refrigerators, hobs, ovens, washing machines)

Air Monitoring devices quality in closed environments

Access management (doors and front doors, garage doors, windows, etc)

Remote control for swimming pools (management of light and water games, hydromassage, monitoring of water parameters)

For several years, we have been alongside manufacturing companies that are taking their first steps in the Internet of Things (IOT). Our approach does not place us as mere solution providers, but interlocutors of the company's R&D team. We start from functional analysis and support companies throughout the project development process. We have acquired IOT experience by working closely with manufacturing companies in different sectors:

The 9 decisions to make for an entrepreneur before developing an IOT solution

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Leading company in the household appliances sector

We were initially contacted by the technology supplier as consultants and then interacted directly with the client company (among the leaders in the production of household appliances) on the development of a prototype that involved the use of a camera capable of scanning the type of fabric, sending the information to the washing machine which proposed the specific washing program. The client has an objective to make the end customer interact with the various appliances produced and present in a domestic environment through the same Application.

After being positively assessed by the client, we were instructed to rewrite part of the now obsolete App code and the entire integration via Bluetooth of different appliances: washing machine, hob, fridge and freezer. Finally, before delivery to the customer, we revisited the entire App developed by several suppliers to guarantee the stability of the App itself.

Appliance company

Company in the field of gas and air detection

Consultancy and design of an App for the control and regulation of a device for detecting air quality in closed environments.

Gas and air detection

What is unique and appealing about a Smart Home solution?

If up to now, you have proposed stand-alone and unconnected home automation appliances or appliances to the market, know that you are depriving your consumer of the IoT experience besides the fact that once your product is sold, you lose its traceability, but above all, you won't know how your product will be used. Redesigning it ‘Smart’, or connected to the internet, will allow you to collect diagnostic and usage data that you would not otherwise know and that you could apply to further improve the functionality of your product.

Taking advantage of the connection and a Mobile App will allow you to interact also with the user of your device and provide your marketing team with useful information to define new commercial strategies in the presale and after-sales assistance phase.

We are part of the FAE Hub, at the Kilometro Rosso in Bergamo, and thanks to our network we are also able to supply hardware prototypes and cards designed for large-scale industrialization.

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Here's what experience has taught us

We have capitalized on the difficulties encountered in developing IoT solutions. Usually companies rely on us, after having carried out a project on paper alongside their usual supplier of the electronics and sensors; only then are we called into question.

Unfortunately, it often happens that those involved in electronics know little, or underestimate the mobile and cloud software development oriented to the final customer.

We have to be involved right from the start of the design.

Our involvement at a later stage can lead to mismatches or a waste of time and money.

Finally, it should be considered that hardware and software have different realization times. Do not consider this thing, it can lead to severe delays on the project as we lack constant control of the supplier of the sensors and / or electronic boards. This has risked more than once to compromise the final outcome of the project. For this reason, we have consolidated a partnership with a leading company in the production of electronic components with the aim of guiding each project in the right direction through strong specialization and verticalization.

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