Mr. Duck's typical day, as you got to read, is empowered by various apps developed by DuckMa, for us and our ever trusting client.

Companies that with their App have contributed to the storytelling of Mr Duck's story

6:30 am- the alarm

Internet of Thins

How the Internet of Things is changing our lives for the better

The Internet of Things ”is a topic that intrigues and is on everyone's lips. However, few are aware of the possible applications in the domestic and industrial sector.

Find out how DuckMa can be the ideal partner for your IoT project

7:00 am- shower and shave

Digital concierge

Facial Recognition and Machine Learning

Thanks to facial recognition and machine learning, it is possible to transform an intimate and daily moment of the day into something extremely effective and useful for our organization. Technology does not replace us but helps us plan our business and personal activities.

Discover our machine learning creations

7:30 am- breakfast

Waking Up Pampered By Technology

Technology has always been a valuable aid for the entrepreneur's daily life

Innovative entrepreneurs know how to improve their production and organizational efficiency. They are in fact the first users of the App that offer services that can be easily consulted and purchased with a few taps. All this even before leaving home!

Do you also want to be an innovative entrepreneur?

8:45 am- get ready for w get ready for workork

Internet of things

Manage Access With A Tap On Your Smartphone

Manage several events through an App that can make it even easier to open an access (from the front door to the garage door) ) is transforming the habits of thousands of users who have abandoned the classic remote control with their mobile phone always at hand. CTA: Let me tell you more about our project

9:00 a- planning

Business planning

Plan Your And Your Employees’ Work Through The App

We have created Mobile Worker, a valid support for companies that manage customer orders on time. The use by the App collaborator allows at the end of the day to detail each activity carried out.

Discover the features of Mobile Worker

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10:30 am- first job of the day

Tailored App For Innovative Companies

Each company has its own needs, DuckMa simply provides the solutions

Creating tailored solutions is Duckma's mission; we support the entrepreneur throughout the process, from the analysis to the creation of an Application capable of creating added value for the company.

Discover some successful projects

13:30 p.m.- participation an event

Event management

The Direct Line to your Association

An App to stay connected and informed about news and events of your Association.

Check companies who have already started using this solution

4:45 pm- online purchase

Mobile E-commerce

Online shopping is increasingly becoming even more part of our daily lives

Online purchases by a few clicks on the smartphone are constantly growing. This figure is an important indication for digital merchants who must adapt to the new trend imposed by consumers.

Mobile E-commerce becomes strategic for online merchants
7:00 pm: expenses withdrawal

Employee and Territory Support

An idea born by Entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs

An ambitious project that aims to encourage dialogue between company and collaborator. Richard enters companies by involving local entrepreneurs, employees and traders in a continuous exchange of information, goods and services.

Are you an entrepreneur with more than 10 employees?

10:00 pm- monitoring investements

Wallet Bitcoin

Your Bitcoins, always at hand

The Bitcoin wallet is a digital wallet that is used to store, buy and sell Bitcoins. Through a mobile App you can buy, sell or just monitor their Bitcoin performance.

Discover the solution developed for Conio
11:50 pm: goodnight


It's getting late. Mr Duck decides to go to sleep, tomorrow a new smart day awaits him

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