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Company: Arriva Italia

Area: public transport services (urban and interurban)

Type of Application: App Mobile + Cloud

App Name: Arriva Kiosk

Website: arriva.it

Arriva Italia, the Italian holding of the Arriva Group, has been present in Italy since 2002 and is active in the provision of public passenger transport services, both urban and interurban, in particular in Piedmont, Valle d'Aosta, Lombardy, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto , in addition to the connection with the airports of Turin and Milan.

Overall, Arriva Italia travels about 100 million buses/km per year with the help of 2,400 vehicles and 3,500 people.

Arriva Kiosk

App to allow drivers to locate the vehicles they will drive during the work shift.

Mobile App + Cloud

The Arriva Kiosk App was created to provide concrete support to the company's employees, in particular the drivers. In fact, thanks to the application, the driver at the beginning of each work shift is able to locate the exact parking area of the bus that he will use for the service.

This is possible by placing a card with NFC on the tablet or by manually entering the personal code: the App shows a map of the bus depot identifying the vehicle assigned to the driver with a PIN. This guarantees savings of approximately 15 minutes at each bus change.

Customer Needs

Arriva Italia monitored the average time taken by each driver from the moment of entry into service until the physical identification of the vehicle and estimated a "lost" time of about 15 minutes at each change of vehicle, a phenomenon linked to the size of the bus depots.

Hence the need to reduce transit times from one vehicle to another, an objective that can only be achieved by offering drivers a simple and practical tool for quickly identifying the location of the bus assigned to them in each work shift.

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"We collaborated with DuckMa for a project dedicated to our employees and both in the planning, development and delivery phases they proved to be serious professionals and fully satisfied our needs."

Paolo Ghidini

ICT Manager | Arriva Italia Srl

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DuckMa Solution

After an initial introduction by the team to the customer, we immediately set to work to identify the most suitable tablet for the project and to align the representatives of Arriva on how to implement the App.

We identified a tablet with NFC technology as the ideal tool and, at the same time, we guaranteed our constant assistance to the Arriva team to make implementation activities as smooth as possible, accompanied by appropriate documentation.

The result is a native Android single-platform App and React JS console, a technology chosen to respect the customer's desire to implement the App on a Kiosk with an Android tablet.

At the end of the project, Arriva requested Kiosk for two other repositories with excellent prospects for further implementations and developments.

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