Ladies And Gentlemen… DuckMa Inc.!

Ladies And Gentlemen... DuckMa Inc.!

A birth is a new seed and should be planted in a good soil in order to grow strong roots.

The new American “twin” of DuckMa is just born: DuckMa Inc.
We decided to push overseas, not only to have new headquarters in the Silicon Valley, a dream of every digital company, but also for what that place offers.
What? is it? A more mature market: customers in all the relevant levels, giving much more importance to mobile solutions, knowing what they are buying and being convinced of the great potential of the applications world.
Not just that, it’s difficult for an Italian company to work abroad, and the best strategy is to have a base on the territory.
The long-term idea idea is to create a support and development team, so that the employees are more motivated to work and influenced by a sparkling ecosystem.
Finally, USA is the ideal breeding ground for the launch of our new product,, a mobile CMS thought for UI/UX agencies that allows anyone to build their own app.

The new US headquarters were incorporated in Delaware but now the headquarters are in San Francisco, where some of our customers are, and where there are more opportunities for growth for a company that is developing high-level applications.

And for those who think that opening a company in the US is a steep and winding road, well: you’re wrong. It was very simple, both to incorporate the company and open the bank account.
The key is finding a competent attorney, helpful and very experienced like Matteo Daste. In a few days you can have the company up & running.
Then the game begins.

If you are wondering who we are and what we do:

DuckMa is a mobile focused design and software boutique primarily working with startups and leading brands. We are a group of passionate professionals who make handcrafted mobile native apps.

We are growing a lot and thanks to our structure we are currently able to support medium to enterprise customers, who require dedication to the development of highly accurate code and wish the best for their Mobile apps.
Generally we work closely with our customers on brand new projects.
We can also work as project bootstrapping, we take care of the app engineering, we build the initial frame of the project and then there are two possible roads:
either we work alongside the customer and carry out the project or we can build together with the customer a development team, train them and support the client only when needed.

Ladies And Gentlemen... DuckMa Inc.!


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