Company: Univet Srl

Area: Production of Safety, Laser and Clean Room glasses, Loupes glasses,

magnification systems for the surgical and dental sector

Type of Application: IoT

App Name: Univet Connect

Univet is a company founded in 1997 as a third party manufacturer of sunglasses for the main fashion brands. This partnership with the world of luxury leads Univet to pay particular attention to details and to design innovative designs.

In 2007, ten years after the foundation, the brilliant intuition arrived: transferring the know-how gained up to that moment to the individual protection sector first and then to the dental and surgical one.

Today Univet is a leader in the design and production of Safety, Laser, Clean Room and Loupes eyewear, magnifying systems for surgery and dentistry.

Univet Connect

The IoT App to manage the EOS-Next devices mounted on the working glasses of dentists and surgeons around the world.


EOS-Next devices are small, variable brightness lamps supported by work glasses used by dentists and surgeons worldwide.

The doctors' need is to be able to manage the different levels of LED brightness in a smart way: from here comes Univet Connect, the App that allows you to easily and quickly control the EOS-Next illuminator thanks to a graphic interface. simple and intuitive, which allows you to choose directly from your smartphone between the 5 different brightness levels of the EOS-Next device.

EOS-Next is a UNIVET made in Italy product equipped with a bluetooth module, which today presents itself as an extension of the magnifying systems for the world dentistry sector designed to guarantee the user to illuminate the visual field in the best possible way, improving the clinical performance and the final result.

Customer Needs

Univet Connect was born from the desire of Univet to allow professionals who use EOS-Next to control their devices via smartphone and iPhone, with a simple tap or through voice commands.

Before the release of the App, the control of EOS-Next was delegated to the physical buttons of the device, an impractical mode in the clinic during visits and interventions on patients when wearing sterilized gloves or handling the instrumentation.

For this reason Univet asked us to design a valid alternative to the physical remote control to simplify the daily life of this category of demanding professionals attentive to every detail.

Foto di dentista che tiene in mano uno smartphone con App Univet
Foto di donna con occhiali Univet

DuckMa Solution

The design of Univet Connect, an Internet of Things (IoT) App, posed two main critical issues:

  • communication with the device via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)
  • the creation of a wake word (literally, the word that "wakes up" and then puts the app into action) to activate voice commands

Thanks to a library and constant dialogue with the BLE designer, these obstacles have been overcome and the App has taken shape.

We chose a multi-platform technological solution using the Flutter framework and it was necessary to involve third-party companies for integration with a platform for business process management, for the firmware of EOS-Next devices and for interaction via Bluetooth.

During the implementation of the project we managed a change of direction related to server-side communication, as well as changes in terms of user interface (UI) and functionality.

The first version of the IoT App has a medium-high degree of complexity, largely attributable to communication with the device via Bluetooth.

"The collaboration with DuckMa has allowed us to open a new frontier for illuminators for dental and surgical use.

Their Team followed and guided us in the creation of a product that is currently unique in its kind. "

Davide Moscatelli

Research and Innovation Manager | Univet Srl

Results Collected by the App

The end users of the App are dentists and surgeons who have one or more EOS-Next devices.

The Application has made it possible to register the users of the device at an international level and consequently to collect data that, in perspective, will be functional to the improvement of the App with increasingly targeted interventions and faster assistance.

Mockup App Univet

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