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If we wanted to use a simile to represent DuckMa’s working process, we could compare it to a wine distillate that, after 10 long years – thanks to aging and refining in oak barrels – finally turns into a velvety Cognac, acquiring characteristic properties and aromas, maturity and the typical dark coloration.

Thus, our Method has found its true essence, going on to consolidate the decades of experience of a Company in constant search of an efficient and transparent working process towards the Client: a solution refined over time (a bit like Cognac) that is easy to understand but at the same time, structured and well-organized to leave nothing to chance at every stage of the realization process.

Starting with an interview in which the Digital Project is laid out, we guide you through the various stages of the process by applying the founding principles of the Method:

  • Certain time frame for publishing the App on Store (where required). The first version of the App is published on Google Play and App Store in 60 days.
  • Clear and transparent costs of each step of the process. The Method was created to prevent you from unpleasant extra-budget costs during development.
  • Project awareness thanks to your constant involvement. By following the steps of the Method you will be the protagonist of the success of your Application.

Our system of work is designed, tested and guaranteed to bring a successful application to Store quickly, producing an effective and accurate result, appreciated by customers and ensuring a rapid return on investment (ROI).

Method Infographic


Donna Disegna Schemi con Biro Arancione


This is the phase in which, not only do we listen to you, but we understand your Business through in-depth meetings in which we will put the project “on the ground”.

Foto Pc Portatile e Smartphone


This is the phase in which we concretize and build your project together with you, transforming it into design and source code before its publication.

Uomo Salta su Salita in Montagna


We help you grow your application. We never leave you alone by offering you our technical and mobile marketing support in the post-sales phase.

01. Define


This is the first contact, the one in which you expose us your Project, your objectives and who will be the users of your App.

A 30-minute interview that will help you to clarify thanks to the support of an expert in Application development.

From this remote interview you get information on the feasibility of your Project and how we can make it happen.


You will be involved in a Workshop in which a dedicated team will analyze with you – from different points of view – your Project.

After 5 days we will plan an alignment meeting in which we will present the Plan Workbook resulting from what was developed during and after the Plan Workshop.


You will participate in a half-day Workshop with a dedicated team in which you will technically deepen the functionalities, criticalities and opportunities of your Project identified in the Plan phase.

7 days after the meeting, we will deliver the Discovery Workbook containing the entire project documentation.

The time has come to move on to the implementation phase of your Project.


KNOW, the consulting to create your App.

Developing a Mobile App: the first approach to shaping your application is through the 30-minute Free Consultation.

PLAN, the beginning of your project.

Check with us the feasibility to plan a design that leads to success.

DISCOVERY, let’s deepen the details.

Half-day Workshop with a dedicated Team to define graphics, Project Document and economic estimates of your App.

Here’s what our Customers say about phase 01. Define:

Foto dell'Ing. Massimo Z.

“We are thrilled with the Discovery Workshop we attended and the result that was produced. It was clear that the DuckMa Team was prepared and aligned on our project.”

Ing. Massimo Z.

Project Manager | Automazioni Industriali Srl

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02. build


Your project begins to take shape. This is the phase in which we will work in synergy to create the graphics of your Application and transform it into the navigable high-fidelity graphic prototype that you can use to validate your idea or to present it to Investors.

It will be a fruitful exchange of information between you and the UI / UX Design Expert to get to the exact result you had in your mind but that you still weren’t able to “put on paper” in detail.


You will be joined by the COO who, like an orchestra, will direct a Team of IT Engineers who will produce the source code of your Application. You will receive contractual guarantees on the timing of the block in development and constant updates.

We will release your Application only at the end of qualitative testing (QA) of the Application. If necessary, we will provide our support for the creation of the listing on the Stores (Google Play and AppStore) before publication.


CREATE, we realize the design of your App.

We give consistency to your idea of App by creating the design of your Application.

MAKE, let’s write the code of your App.

The development phase of the Application, backend, frontend and mobile kicks off.

Here’s what our Customers say about phase 02. Build:

“To my surprise they advised me to stop at the Create phase of my Project so that I had the opportunity to present the navigable prototype of my App to Investors before proceeding with the development of the source code. This allowed me to invest the necessary without getting enthusiastic by spending more than I should.”

Alessandro G.

CEO | Startupper (*)

(*) the Client preferred to remain anonymous as his project was presented to an Angel Investor who is evaluating it.

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03. grow


We structure a project with Google Cloud (platform of which we are a partner), we configure the infrastructure so that it is scalable, we create test and production environments and we guarantee you assistance in up and running mode in the event of infrastructure malfunctions.


This is the post-sales phase, where you need certainty about the future of your Application that you have just uploaded to the Stores. We guarantee maintenance and technical assistance in the event of reports from Users of your Application. We have provided everything you need to make you sleep peacefully: we take care of everything, even updating your Application to the new Android and iOS versions.


Thousands of Applications are published on the Stores every day. Trust DuckMa to launch your App on the Store, we specialize in Mobile Marketing and we will help you take the first step towards the success and visibility of your Application.

Together with you we will define the performance indicators (KPIs) and monitor them so that they give us an objective reading of the success of your App.


HOST, the Cloud infrastructure for your App.

We design and put your App infrastructure online on the Google Cloud platform.

MAINTAIN, maintenance and technical assistance for your App.

We guarantee maintenance, technical assistance and bug fixing for your Application.

BOOST, Mobile Marketing strategies for the success of your App.

We plan a Mobile Marketing and ASO – App Store Optimization – strategy to bring visibility and success to your App.

Here’s what our Customers say about phase 03. Grow:

Foto di Paolo Ghidini

“We collaborated with DuckMa for a Project dedicated to our employees and both in the planning, development and delivery phases they proved to be serious professionals and fully satisfied our needs.”

Paolo Ghidini

ICT Manager | Arriva Italia Srl

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