A systematic process is a very vital element in developing an App. Here at DuckMa, we’re all about systematic processes.

Through our years of experience in the industry, we have collected feedback from our customers regarding our performance and processes during the development of their app project and after the delivery of the application.

We took the feedback and channeled it into a precise working method, built on the best known and most trusted project management best practices.

We have defined our method, the DuckMa method: a simple workflow, with few, very clear and effective rules. The DuckMa method orients our development trajectory, setting boundaries, stages and arrival points. Goals, deadlines and KPIs guide us. And of course the quality of the result. Technology helps us with software designed to monitor application development times and costs.

Listening is essential. The very first thing we do is sit by your side to thoroughly analyze your project. This is when you tell us all about your mobile application project. We then itemize your concrete objectives to be achieved. We treat your project as if it were ours, whether it is an articulated and complex plan or a starting point. We know that what you do with us is an important investment: together we evaluate the cost of the app against your budget, the returns and the opportunities. If we do not see a solid tomorrow, we study alternative solutions with the same characteristics for you.


Phase 1

In DuckMa, designing means thinking about the path to follow to create your app, that is, thinking by objectives. That's exactly what we do: to understand how to implement the key functions of your app according to the target. We define the work steps, and then the intermediate stages and the delivery dates, with a firm eye on priorities.

Right from the start, we put the useful materials at your disposal to have an idea, as realistic as possible, of how your application will be, once it’s finished.


Phase 2

Every DuckMa app developer has a specific responsibility: they know they have to work to perfection, they have to work hard to find the best solution for your app project and to meet delivery times.

Each step of our method is quality oriented. In phase 2, we are particularly concerned with ensuring the quality of the developed code. We know what it means. We have customers who ask us to optimize apps made poorly by others, with codes that do not function properly.

While our developers write the code of the app, you can rest assured that we move with precision and order, we have internal supervisors for each activity and specific figures to interact with you.

We consider the development phase finished once all the tasks are complete and the internal reviews, performed according to a rigid protocol, have given a positive result.


Phase 3

Other teams probably think that the job finishes when the product is delivered. The DuckMa team however, makes sure first that the project is successfully closed and the quality of the app is of the expected standard. As a further guarantee of the quality of the work delivered, from the moment of delivery, you have 30 days to test your app at no additional cost.

After support

Phase 4

We have thought of various assistance options for you to allow you to choose the methods that work best for you.

The DuckMa team remains by your side even once the app is delivered to continue to support and advise you.

Don’t be deceived. The simplest app may be the hardest to create.

Using mobile apps is only easy if, and only if, the development has been done right. We, the DuckMa team, have equipped ourselves with a very unique method to minimize inconsistencies, and inaccuracies, and to push quality to its maximum potential!