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we are duckma!

DuckMa is specialized in creating Software Applications.

We help Entrepreneurs and Managers to transform a business idea into a Mobile App, a Cloud solution, an App for Internet of Things or for Industry 4.0.

We aim for operational excellence by applying our Method – refined over the years and constantly perfected thanks to the feedback from Customers, who become protagonists at all stages of the process. It is thanks to their contribution that the Method becomes infallible.

We operate mainly in Italy, sponsored by our Customers with whom WE establish a long lasting relationship, and they often become advocates of our brand.

For some years now we have acquired international visibility with projects carried out in various countries such as Spain, the United States, the United Kingdom, Finland and Hungary.

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Our mission is to empower human beings.

We create Apps accessible to all, with the aim that each person can self-improve and be more productive.


We live and breathe the air of innovation every day.

Over the years we have refined our development skills and will continue to do so, to ensure our customers obtain advanced software and applications, accessible to all.

what we do

mobile app

mobile app

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cloud software

internet of things

Robot Automazioni Industriali

industrial iot

how we do it

It all starts with a first interview that we call “Know”, that enables us to evaluate the level at which your Project and your technical skills are. Only after understanding that the Business idea falls within our specializations, we proceed by introducing you to the method we will adopt to create your Application.

In these first 30 minutes of interview, you will learn about our work process and its advantages that you will then verify and appreciate in every phase of the Method.

The advantages you will discover are many, but they can be summarized as follows:

  • Defined budgets and development times with no extra budget requests halfway through the journey.
  • Goals aligned with concrete and tangible results at the end of each phase.
  • Constant Customer involvement and evaluation of the degree of satisfaction are our guidelines for providing an excellent customer experience in every step of the process that brings your App to life.


It is right to be as transparent as possible on this important point: creating an Application is a complex activity, which has nothing to do with developing a website. Not only high-level technical skills come into play, but other ingredients mixed together are indispensable, such as organization, understanding of the Business, far-sighted vision, ability to listen and to process the information that will be provided to us at all stages of the process. A continuous interaction is essential to keep the “right course” of the project.

DuckMa DuckMa is the Company you can trust.

We guarantee that you will not have unpleasent surprises during the entire work process. 

From the moment we have agreed on the functionality of the Application and established the required investment, we will be responsible for any unforeseen events and so will any additional costs (but we are sure that by applying our Method this will not happen).

Write us about your project, we will contact you as soon as possible to provide you with information on the steps to take.

join us

Our Method, in order to be applied successfully, needs “special” people capable of making a change of mind in the approach to the project.

We need a Team capable of going further and aiming to identify alternative solutions to achieve the same final result, proactive in the initiative and ability to relate to Customers. If you feel in line with these characteristics, send us your application.

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