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“It seemed a day like many others in DuckMa. We were sitting in one of the various sessions in the meeting room, that we confidentially call ‘aquarium’ due to the glass walls, and it was at that moment that everything took the right direction”.

As a matter of fact, from that epiphany, we decided to keep faith with our Corporate Mission: create accessible Applications capable of improving people’s lives in the workplace but also in their daily life.

Since then, our efforts and our training have been oriented towards the acquisition of know-how towards four macro types of applications: Mobile, Cloud, Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial IoT.

The next step was to create high quality Applications to enable firms to exploit their potential through technology. To do this we invented the DuckMa Method. But it still wasn’t enough.

In the end we wanted the Method to become infallible but to prove it we needed someone who was impartial, so we realized that the best judge of our products were our Clients.

We are the most suitable Technological Partner to transform brilliant ideas into successful Projects: we understand different sectors in which we have worked and we know the formula to guide you, without obstacles, to the realization of your Application.

Mockup App Piscine Castiglione

mobile app

The Mobile world has been the strength of DuckMa for almost 10 years.

We have built hundreds of Applications for different sectors during these years.

Today we aim for top quality and reliability of the “Made in DuckMa” Apps.

Applicazioni Cloud

cloud software

Cloud services are definitely participating in the technological revolution of SMEs and large Enterprises, by bringing innovation and savings to Companies.

Our ability is to integrate the Cloud with the mobile App, allowing the execution of Applications on portable and easy-to-use devices.


We have the skills set to bring common objects into the digital world, by creating value for the product line of innovative Companies and by improving the efficiency of Public Administrations.

We’re contributing to the improvement of the quality of people’s life, both at their professional career and their daily activities.

Industrial IoT


The entrepreneurial challenge of the next few years will be to ride the technological trend of the IoT Industry, by improving the activities of acquisition and analysis of machines provided by the data. This will enable us to better gain insights about the maintenance requirements and will allow a reduction in costs and downtime during the workflow.

Icona Smartphone

Mobile App

We develop native Mobile Applications, cross-platform Apps and Progressive Web Apps: from time to time we adopt the most suitable tools for you and your Business, in order to improve your value proposition and make it unique thanks to our skills set, experience and aptitude for innovation.

Foto Gianfranco Andreoli Invisible Farm

“We had tight development times and considerable project complexities and for this we turned to DuckMa.”

Gianfranco A.

CTO, Project Manager | Invisible Farm Srl

Submit your Business idea and we will help you transform it into a Mobile Application.

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Cloud Software

At what speed is the evolution of your sector moving? I will answer for you: at the speed of Cloud Computing, which is a software development model that helps you modernize the Applications you already use, allowing also to build new ones. The advantages? Speed, flexibility, quality and risk reduction.

Foto Mattia Martinelli Ginetto

“I found in DuckMa the ability to create a fast, easy to use, technologically unique application.

Mattia B.

Marketing Manager | Martinelli Ginetto Spa

Submit your Business idea and we will help you transform it into a Mobile Application.

Icona Due Quadrati

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) allows the creation of unique Applications capable of generating new Business opportunities by connecting technological devices to products of various kinds, making them smarter.

Thanks to the network, machines, materials and objects connected to each other communicate and simplify our life.

Submit us your Business idea. We will help you by transforming your product into an IoT App.

Icona Due Quadrati

Industrial IoT

IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) connects advanced equipment and platforms to the network for the analysis and processing of complex data (big data).

IIoT devices can be simple environmental sensors or industrial robots that find application in various sectors.

In particular, the entire manufacturing sector could gain a competitive advantage by improving production and optimizing downtime thanks to predictive maintenance and data mining.

Contact us if you want to know how we help Companies innovate with the Industrial IoT.

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