Richard is an innovative integrated system which, thanks to the Be Richard mobile application dedicated to the world of work, transforms values ​​into value. Be Richard favors dialogue between the company and collaborators, increases engagement and the quality of relationships.

The challenge

The challenge that led us to Richard's development is the identification of a useful, agile and innovative tool to improve the company climate and relations and to give value to the commercial fabric of the territory to improve work-life balance.

The DuckMa move

We thought about developing an app for the world of work and companies that could achieve multiple objectives in one swoop. We wanted an application capable of creating value for local businesses on the one hand and increasing the work-life balance on the other. It's not all. In our idea, Richard was the ideal tool to improve the business climate and relationships in the workplace, bringing motivation and greater attachment to the company to employees.

Richard's Features and Benefits

  • Free and promotional mobile commerce channel for local merchants;
    • Strengthening relationships between customers and small merchants and acquiring new customers;
    • Improvement of relations between employees and company management;
    • Partnership between small and medium-sized enterprises with proximity exercises;
    • Loyalty of employees and collaborators;
    • Increased dell'attrattivness of the brand on the market;
    • Organized and innovative management of human resources;
    • Increase in company performance and individual motivation.

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