RIB Gate

Is the free mobile application that, with the help of IoT technology (IoT), allows you to remotely control and manage door and gate operators.

The challenge

RIB, Riduttori Ingranaggerie Bresciane, is a manufacturer of automatisms for gates, barriers, shutters and garage doors: an all-Italian excellence, with a history of products with unique performance.

RIB asked us to develop a solution capable of supporting the company's further technological evolution. Goal: enrich the customer experience.

The DuckMa move

We got to work and have drawn up an integrated IoT / mobile system for RIB. We studied an app development strategy including Automation Management, Data Synchronization thanks to a secure cloud system and sharing of plant access.

Functionality and advantages of RIB GATE

  • Opening and closing the gates
    • Display of the data of the control unit
    • Issue, revocation and reception of temporary keys
    • Issue, revocation and reception of definitive keys
    • Monitoring and configuration of the control unit
    • Synchronization of the control unit data;
    • Graphic design and customization of the interface.