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We are specialists in Mobile Applications, Cloud software, Internet of Things and Industrial IoT.


The strong specialization in the development of Mobile Applications, Cloud Software, Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial ioT has allowed DuckMa to develop a proprietary method, which is the result of decades of experience. The Method allows DuckMa to transform your business idea into a software application. You will have an App customized and tailored to your business, and we assure you that we’ll complete your project on time and with a fixed budget.

You’ll discover an operating procedure that allows you to avoid unpleasant extra-budget surprises. You’ll touch the concreteness of the result at the end of each phase of the Method.

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It’s  the most delicate moment. Here we understand your project.

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02. build

This is the moment when we build together, pouring concretiness into your ideas.

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03. grow

This is the post-sales phase. Here we help you to grow your application after it has been published.

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what we do

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mobile app

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cloud software


internet of things

industrial iot

who we are

We are a Software House born in 2013 and we are specialized in consulting and developing Mobile Applications, Cloud Software, Internet of Things (ioT) and Industrial ioT (IIoT). We tailor successful applications.

We are vertical in the development of native and multi-platform hybrid apps, and the many business sectors which we covered has allowed us to understand our customers' business like no other.

The Method we have implemented is a tool that guarantees reliable objectives and a given return on investment, in the shortest possible time thanks to a scalable and focused approach. You will obtain results from your application, since the moment of its posting on Google Play and AppStore.

Our headquarter is in Rezzato, in the province of Brescia and a few kilometers from Garda lake. Our core operation’s building is easily reachable from the Brescia Est exit of the A4 Milan-Venice motorway. We operate nationally and internationally with SMEs and large companies by applying our DuckMa Method.

DuckMa office

case history

At DuckMa we put particular importance into the transparency of our communication.

That’s why it’s important for us to let you know the projects we have created over time.

Find out how we have supported companies like yours in the realization of their project, it could further validate the idea of ​​the App you are thinking about.


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Take a cue from the articles and exploit the insights to learn more about our world and the opportunities it can offer you.


i have an idea for an app

Everything starts from an idea, but turning it into an application to be published on the Store is not that simple…

In this article, we suggest the correct steps to take to build your app.

img per protocollo MQTT

MQTT protocol for IOT

MQTT is the acronym for Message Queuing Telemetry Transport and indicates a TCP / IP data transmission protocol based on a publication and subscription model that operates through a special message broker.

come riconoscere un'app di qualità


Certainly the price, in itself, tells little or nothing about the quality of a mobile application because the elements to be taken into consideration, in addition to the mere figure, are many…

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