DuckMa launches Duck Pond, iOS / Android gravity game

DuckMa launches Duck Pond, iOS/Android gravity game

San Francisco, May, 16 2017 – DuckMa, startup with headquarters in San Francisco (CA) and Brescia (ITA), launches Duck Pond: a casual game based on the force of gravity, from May 18 in iOS/Android free download. Complete the levels by tilting the screen to lead each duck in the pond of the same color, avoiding obstacles, collecting coins, unlocking amulets, special ducks, and other surprises.

«This is a project we have been chasing for a long time – explains Matteo Gazzurelli, CEO of DuckMa and mastermind of the project – but none of the ideas arisen in the various brainstormings seemed to prevail over the others. One day, however, I saw my son with a toy from my childhood and I was blown away: here’s the right idea!»

In fact, Duck Pond’s gameplay is both simple and brilliant at the same time:

  • Simple because once the app is opened you can start playing right away. You can also use Duck Pond just a few minutes from time to time (for example, as a filler during commutation), it’s not just completing all the levels that matters: collecting coins and scoring new records at every level are ever-challenging goals that ensure good re-playability of the game.
  • Brilliant because it takes advantage of phone accelerometer (typically used by compasses, levels and pedometers) to simulate the force of gravity: the player does not have to use buttons, gestures, or other commands; all you have to do is hold the phone/tablet and tilt it to “drop” the ducks in their ponds (the red ducks in the red pond, the blue ones in the blue pond etc.), like balls in an “old style” toy.

«Yes, in addition to my team I have to thank another person – so Gazzurelli responds to our question – that is my mom… and the storage-room where she still keeps my childhood games!»

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