DuckMa at VivaTech 2023: a dive into the future of technology

Return to normality post-Covid

After a difficult period due to the Covid-19 pandemic, VivaTech 2023 was a refreshing experience. The event saw a significant turnout of visitors and exhibitors, marking a return to normalcy that we all looked forward to.

Horizontal interconnection of solutions

One of the most interesting aspects of VivaTech 2023 was the evidence of the horizontal interconnectivity of technology solutions.
In contrast to the verticality typical of specific product sectors, the event highlighted how different technologies can intertwine to create ‘mixed’ solutions.

This trend is reflected in sectors such as agriculture, IoT, home automation, automotive, healthcare and many others, which are slowly moving away from sector-specific solutions in favour of interconnected platforms that can be applied in different areas.

VivaTech: Networking and Partnership Opportunities

VivaTech 2023 was an excellent platform for networking. The presence of numerous international start-ups presenting their solutions offered the opportunity to make new contacts, gain knowledge and initiate promising follow-up work towards future partnerships and business collaborations.
Among the companies we met were:

  • Scaling Parrots: offers business intelligence and data analysis solutions based on Blockchain.
  • Urban Cuisine: the vegetable garden in an AIoT (Agricolture Iot) style cabinet: healthy food grown directly in one’s own kitchen.
  • LightScience: this company is developing a portable device that makes remote blood tests easier, faster and cheaper. Their goal is to digitise people’s health and well-being through the science of light.
  • Contents: this platform uses artificial intelligence to generate high-quality, SEO-optimised content, providing valuable support for companies in the digital age.
  • Foolfarm: one of the largest startup studios in Europe, vertical in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Blockchain NFT, Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Metaverse.

On a partnership level, we would like to thank ICE/ITA for providing the stand and the opportunity to participate in this event. Their excellent service helped make our experience at VivaTech even more productive.

Special thanks also go to our friends at Business France.

The Future of Artificial Intelligence

Although Artificial Intelligence (AI) was one of the most discussed topics during the event, we remain somewhat sceptical.

Although we firmly believe that AI will be the future, we felt a lack of clear ideas about its applications. We are still at an embryonic stage, and we have not seen clear and practical applications as we have for IoT technology, which is more mature and impactful in our daily lives.


Despite some challenges and the commitment required, our participation in VivaTech 2023 was an incredibly enriching experience.

We had the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the future of technology, connect with industry leaders and explore the latest trends and solutions.

We are excited to take the lessons learned with us and apply them in our daily work as we continue to push the boundaries of innovation.