Droidcon Italy 2016

What is Droidcon?

Droidcon is one of the largest Android conferences in Europe. Held primarily throughout Europe, with conference venues in different countries each month, the upcoming April event will be held in Turin, Italy. Synesthesia has once again been chosen as the host, with the conference to be held on 7 and 8 April at the Lingotto Conference Centre. Among the speakers will be DuckMa’s own Matteo Gazzurelli, CEO.

Droidcon events

The main idea behind all Droidcon events is to support the Android platform and build a networking event for developers and companies.

Droidcon offers high-level talks covering different aspects of the Android ecosystem, including core development, embedded solutions, augmented reality, business solutions, and games.

In the exhibition area participants and sponsors show their latest hardware and software solutions, including phones, tablets, consoles, gadgets and, of course, SDKs, APIs, apps, and widgets for business and consumer purposes.

Among the speakers at the Turin edition is Matteo Gazzurelli, founder and CEO of the app agency DuckMa. The 31-year-old italian developer started developing apps for Android back in 2009, first as an employee and then as a contractor. In 2013 he decided it was time for him to fund his own company, DuckMa.

During the last year Matteo and his contributors at DuckMa have focused on iBeacon technology working with some leading-edge customers who operate in the proximity marketing field.

At this Droidcon, on 8 April at 10.20 a.m. in the Paris Room of the Lingotto Conference Centre, Matteo will explain how to build an “Efficient REST Client on Android.” His philosophy: “It’s important to limit and optimise network traffic in mobile communications. A well designed REST client is the best you can do in order to save network bandwidth and increase your online app responsiveness.”

The talk is going to be focused on how to create an optimal REST client with persistent cache in Android using HTTP/2, Retrofit, OkHttp and Realm, while relying on an AppEngine hosted backend.

Check the schedule here: http://it.droidcon.com/2016/schedule/