Apps with a turnkey contract?

Our working method

Have they offered to develop your mobile application with a turnkey contract? Or maybe you asked for this, due to budget restrictions? Both of these are possible and real scenarios.

In our experience, what happens most often is that a client reaches out to us asking to develop an app while staying within the budget that the company has set up for that year.

Sure, there are people that do this, just like there are people that look for a good compromise, but we try to avoid working with turnkey contracts, and here’s why.

A Mobile App is a Software and as Such It’s Dynamic!

First of all: an app is not a website. This is not an insignificant difference: once we get to the development phase, we follow completely different patterns to those necessary for the creation of a website.

A mobile application, unlike a website, is a software; it’s as if we were talking about Microsoft Word: anyone would be able to see that its development has followed steps and methods that are completely different compared to those needed for the development of a website.

Second of all: a software is dynamic by nature. Sure, we could try to meet you halfway and create an app whose cost falls within your budget, but in doing so we would only be focusing on the “here and now” and we’d be completely ignoring any future developments. We’re not being mean, but we know that if we made you sign an overpriced turnkey contract, shortly after you published your app, you’d have to deal with operating system updates and with new devices with which your app will no longer be compatible, and so on.


To make a long story short, if we told you we could develop your app today and you wouldn’t have to worry about anything for the following months or years, we’d be lying. Being professional is a main concern for us. This means being honest. And our being honest means proposing, instead of an app with the so-called turnkey contract, what is known as an MVP, a Minimum Viable Product.


What we mean by Minimum Viable Product, also known by its acronym, MVP, is that we will work step by step, following a method that includes an analysis of and an interaction with the market right from the start. This means that we can guarantee that your app will actually fulfill your users’ needs, be they your employees or the rest of the world – thus maximizing your return on investment.