Why Partner with DuckMa?

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Why partner with DuckMa

Beautiful and Mighty Apps

Why partner with DuckMa | Beautiful and Mighty Apps

DuckMa has become expert on both iOS and Android – the major mobile platforms – and our expertise extends to app development, wearable computing, IoT devices, and location awareness (iBeacon). The apps we design are beautiful, powerful, ergonomic, and functional.

We love technology that makes life easier and, of course, we also apply it to design, development, testing, and support of our apps.


Why partner with DuckMa | Customer-centric

We provide a 360° experience to understand your business and relieve you from development constraints. In developing software for your company, we take the time to understand your company, its structure, and the problems, needs and aspirations you have for your app. We form a deep understanding of all the components, which allows us to work together and establish a win-win partnership. Indeed, the project’s driver is you: our task is to give fruit to your know-how and present you with a well-conceived, high-functioning product that satisfies us as developers and that fully meets your expectations.

Boutique of Excellence

Why partner with DuckMa | Boutique of Excellence

We don’t have an assembly line production model at DuckMa. Ours is a boutique laboratory that tailors bespoke suits, and each suit is an app designed specifically for the intended customer.

Our clients – whether they are startups, SMEs, or big companies – want a unique product, which reflects them in every single detail and that really enhances their vision.

Native Apps

Why partner with DuckMa | Native Apps

We know that the success of an app is decided by the user experience, which must be fully satisfactory and efficient, which is why we develop native apps. Native apps are top-quality apps that offer great value. When compared to hybrid and web apps, they have their advantages:

  • Performance optimization: Native apps are faster, more efficient, and more stable.
  • Native UI/UX: Provides an interface with which even the novice user is already familiar.
  • Full access to device resources: Guarantees the integration of a device’s accelerometer, camera, address book, file system, notifications, localization etc.
  • Native offline: Native apps have the ability to function even when offline.
  • Better visibility in stores: Native apps are sold within the App Store and Google Play, making them more visible and more likely to be downloaded.

Why Choose DuckMa?

Why partner with DuckMa | Why Choose DuckMa?

Clients who choose DuckMa are not purchasing a product, but rather a sophisticated service that assists and helps them to grow. Given that, professionalism, quality, and availability are essential features in our work. DuckMa also possesses the following important qualities:

  • Passion: We work with passion, care, and love.
  • Experience: We have been providing app development services since 2009, the dawning of the app age.
  • Flexibility: We are a laboratory of excellence, a specialized boutique for clients who demand the best for their own solutions, meaning we can think outside the box to deliver a product based on our client’s specifications.
  • Attention: Our passion for everything hi-tech is considerable, but first and foremost we are professionals that specialize in the mobile environment.

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This post is also available in: itItalian