The DuckMa Clients: Who Are They?

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The DuckMa Clients: Who Are They? | Who we create apps for

DuckMa is a genuine boutique of excellence and our applications are unique, dedicated to those customers who require tailor-made mobile solutions to enrich the experience of its users.
In particular, we are focused on innovation processes that:

  • Improve the way to work.
  • Simplify access to services.
  • Help to cultivate passions.
  • Stimulate the sharing of results.

Needing a tailored app… but don’t know it?

Our applications have the advantage of always being born from a brilliant idea, but an idea is like a little seed, and must be looked after day by day. At DuckMa we nurture those brilliant ideas until they mature into consistent solutions for our clients. We can develop apps for consumers who thought they didn’t need them, and help our own clients reach new or retain existing customers.

Reaching new customers

The DuckMa Clients: Who Are They? | Reaching new customers

Today’s lifestyle and technology mean that more and more people – from the student to the manager – are constantly on the go and are always connected. These are both very good reasons to reach out to them to use the very tool that they find in their pockets (or pocketbook): the smartphone.

Not only are mobile resources used more often than desktop standards (51% vs. 42%), the time spent on them has now surpassed that of computers (2.8 hours vs. 2.4 hours). Smartphones are the most often used device in internet searches but, more importantly, almost 90% of mobile media time is spent on apps (source). This goes to show that apps are not only an important way to do business, but they are a necessity to capture new customers.

To better know your market

The DuckMa Clients: Who Are They? | To better know your market

Businesses need to know the market that they cater to. To know that market, they need reliable data to analyze. A mobile application allows business to get that reliable information for free, transparently, and with quality data.

Having detailed information on demographics, geographics, and on the most varied preferences of your audience, will allow a client to make decisions and develop customized strategies to grow their business.

To enhance customer loyalty

The DuckMa Clients: Who Are They? | To enhance customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is a very important step in the sales process, and should never be underestimated. Today, customers are bombarded with advertisements everywhere: TV, radio, social networks, billboards, email, etc., and this means that businesses run the risk that their ad goes unnoticed.

Setting up an intimate place to meet customers and communicate with them in a simple and direct manner is the best way to establish a relationship based on trust. We’re talking about mobile applications, always ready on a customer’s favorite gadget(s). They are the key to a virtual meeting place, where they better get to know you, understand your business or product, and develop a relationship which drives customer loyalty.

The closer and attentive you are to customers’ wishes, the more faithful they will be, and you will benefit from that faith.

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This post is also available in: itItalian